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This tutorial illustrates how to create a new database and assign database specific privileges to a newly created MySQL user login. I'm looking for more than just a query builder like MySQL Workbench. But something that allows power users to build read/write forms to. No, MySQL Workbench does not allow to create HTML forms or reports. It is a client tool to work with MySQL servers (manage, query) and to. TIGHTVNC SERVER OPENBOX

I want to convet theses spreadsheets into a MySQL database to stop the duplication of data - eg employees names. I do not know of any solutions which do this. I would imagine this would be highly specific to both your spreadsheets and your database.

If it imports from spreadsheets that would be great, but it is not an option I am concerned about. I dont like the form designer in MS Access, but it does allow me to pick the fields from the table which is the main thing I am looking for. I have seen ZOHO Creator and that looks like what I need, but the only trouble is - it is only available on their website, and would mean I would have to give everyone Internet access in order for them to look at the database which is not an option.

I have asked them if ZOHO can be downloaded to run on our own servers, but they have said no. Mind you they have said "We will look at the option of generating your application as a PHP script you can install, so you can take your own app out and install it in your site. I am guessing you want all of your data in a MySQL database, hosted on your linux box. Is this correct? Again, i am not sure what your goal is, but if you are playing with things like KEXI, then i suggest you check out Open Office, specifically, OpenOffice.

What is your opinion on both of them? All of my MySQL interaction tends to be from a command line, so i have never researched other options, and am not familiar with this type of GUI based solutions. As to OO Base vs. I have not used KEXI in a while, and there have been some nice looking improvements since i last tinkered with it. I suggest you check them out for yourself. As for the web forms, I think I am going to try learning PHP, and just manually code the web interface my self, with a mixture of HTML coding to spruce up the design of the web pages.

I actually have a small site that I put together for exactly this. The site below is driven by the template. Look at it and you will see how it works. I have attached the files needed for this. Oh, and did I mention, this is free. It just requires a bit of customization on your part. The only thing I ask is keep the Copywrite info in the files.

It is only one line. Did you ever get anywhere with this, I would like to get something similar so I can setup our HR team using a web frontend to enter personnel information in to MySQL instead of Access which sounds like something similar to what you are doing? The outline of the PHP code I use is below. I then use css to format the form and I have a seperate lookup table in the database for user friendly column names,.

I pass the table validation information for each column, i. I really don't know if this will help at all, but it's an online form generator that uses php and mysql and takes input from an html form that you create yourself. More importantly, the underlying engine that it uses would most likely have the power to accomplish what you are trying to do:. I used the Web Form Factory that it refers to and it was very satisfactory for automatically creating the tables within a mysql table of my choice and allowing me to use the converted form which is now in php format to update entries as necessary.

I believe it is a simple matter to use the framework of the excel spreadsheet to create an html form. I'm a linux administrator.. But, I also believe that there's a built-in option within Excel itself these days as well. Initially all you would have to do after the table is created is to import the excel spreadsheet using phpMyAdmin in. Anyway, I hope this helps. I have extensive experience with importing data from various proprietary systems into mysql.

Sometimes not directly either. As an alternative to the Web Form Factory, mysql offers a free Workbench tool which will create input forms as well as the php code to display the resulting database, complete with search options. All it requires is a local install on a windows box. Angelo Innovations is an IT service provider. The form created for table 2 will now contain a drop down with all names to select the owner of that address. This discussion went on for a good number of years.

Anyone end up trying any of these suggestions? Odd thread here Not sure why a web solution was sought. Seems that if you want to keep your SQL data internally, not give your staff internet access, and want to access it from the desktop for data entry and reporting It's not free - but you only need one license to design the pages for the entire company.

NET Express is free too. More free php script s listed on the page. Not for making web forms. This is about making HTML forms that end users use as the application. The database is all set, we presume. Think this is what u all are looking for. Not as powerful as ZOHO but should be sufficient for most kind of forms. I'm currently trialing several web page generators based on PHP.

This also helps consistency of operation across all platforms. To use it, the Python code must import the mforms module. Given the problems of using an absolute coordinate system across different platforms, MForms employs containers that perform automatic layout. The basic containers that MForms provides include:.

Form : A top-level window which can contain a single control, usually another container. The window will be sized automatically to fit its contents, but can also be sized statically. Box : This container can be filled with one or more controls in a vertical or horizontal layout.

Each child control can be set to use either the minimum of required space, or fill the box in the direction of the layout. In the direction perpendicular to the layout, for example vertical in a horizontal layout, the smallest possible size that can accommodate all child controls will be employed.

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