– wrong functions, 40 wrong MySQL account information, Forgot my password button, form tag, , , format data, using correct. The fact that Filezilla says "No supported authentication methods available" I am trying to back-up my website using FTP, but can't get it to work. My web page is up, but the information is all the way at the right side of the page and my pics aren't showing up. I think it is a formatting issue with the. HOW TO I GET WINSCP

Florian Florian 1 1 gold badge 5 5 silver badges 9 9 bronze badges. Another thing to check : what is the login shell for the user. Add a comment. Sorted by: Reset to default. Highest score default Date modified newest first Date created oldest first. Improve this answer. Community Bot 1. AzkerM AzkerM 9, 6 6 gold badges 28 28 silver badges 51 51 bronze badges. This problem also, can be solved in debian7 by this answer.

What is the rationale behind this one? You are disabling default access control via PAM, because default "ftp" has no rules. Solved me the same problem on Ubuntu I fear some people just don't know what's actually happening underneath and why it appears to "work". Show 4 more comments. I think this should be the accept answer because it points out where is the problem.

How does one make sure the FTP user has one of these shells? Asking for a friend Each line is the info about one user. The fields are separated by a colon :. The 7th field contains the path to the shell binary of the user. Duncan Duncan 81 1 1 silver badge 2 2 bronze badges. Thanks that's what happened to me. The other solutions worked by removing all safety mechanisms, this one was actually solved the problem. I met this problem when I tried to login in with root and I just solved it.

Not a good idea to enable thoses users! There is a security reason why they are refused. Restart vsftpd server using: sudo service vsftpd restart. Jayesh Kalkani Jayesh Kalkani 3 3 bronze badges. Ron The Overflow Blog. Time to get on trend. This should allow you to reproduce what I am seeing Many thanks for taking the time to do this for me! Hi Gary, Here's what I think may be happening.

When I started this thread, it was because when I FTP'd the page to my hosting server it was not displaying correctly. Someone suggested a "hard refresh" and that fixed it. Other people were able to see it correctly on different browsers. So the original issue seems to have been something with how my browser was caching things. This is a work in progress as organizations need to be added and I am moving things around to streamline the layout I am revamping the entire site.

After I had made some changes, I went to preview it and it was not displaying correctly, hence my coming back and adding to this thread with this new, but seemingly related problem. I had not FTP'd it to my host server since I didn't want to overwrite the one that was at least working.

I wanted to try to fix the preview problem first. Now, the screwy thing is that when I posted the first problem, I was able to preview it correctly. With this second problem, however, it doesn't display correctly for me in preview.

I closed the page with the idea of uploading it to the server and seeing if it displays correctly or could be fixed with a hard refresh. Since it is a copy, I still have the version that worked in case I need it later. However, the built-in Mobirise publish function, which had worked fine before, gave me a "Connection reset by peer" error message. Whether I click "Ignore Errors" or "Continue," the dialog box just closes and the page is not uploaded.

So, I uploaded it to the server using Filezilla. It is displaying incorrectly and the hard refresh did not fix it. There is no real consistency to the issues, as things that worked before just fine suddenly stop working, which is making this extra-frustrating Yet it seems to be working for you I am at a loss to know what to do next. Would you suggest the export site option so you can look at it? I appreciate your help! I'm working on it now.

It seems to work, but there are some caveats I will respond more fully after I have a chance to try some things. Thank you for your help!! Let me know what you see Toggle navigation Mobirise Forums. Discussions Categories Login. December in Help. I am redesigning my website and have been using Mobirise for the new one.

The previews all look fine. I wanted to publish a couple of pages to get input from some clients before going officially live with the new one. I want to keep the existing one live until I am ready to switch and know everything is working correctly with the new one. However, when I use the built-in Mobirise ftp to publish the site to the server, the pages in question are all wrong - the colors, positioning, fonts, etc. As an example, this is what one page looks like in the preview from Mobirise: But this is what it looks like after publishing: The parallax effect also disappears.

This is what the bottom of the page should look like: And what it publishes as: Any help would be appreciated! January Have you clicked refresh or force refresh? Maybe a browser caching issue. Please supply a URL so it can be checked out.

MobiGary said:. Clicking the hamburger does nothing in mobile mode and your brand logo name is too wide. Just thought you would like to know. Looks fine for me in the newest version of Firefox. Working for me also. JPG So after getting the page to work and making some changes, I went back to work on it some more today. When I go to preview in the browser, I get an ambiguous "Internal error while processing page" message.

What the hell does that mean!? There is no other information that could help me troubleshoot it I am at a total loss to know what to do Google searches show this evidently a longstanding and major bug with Mobirise Sometimes when I ftp the files to my hosting server.

The alignment will run away. I also dont know why. After sometime, it will align back. Fastest i experienced like 1hr maybe? But strangely, i used another laptop, it show the display fine. My experience. I am just previewing - not uploading to the server. I am revamping an existing website and only uploaded the page that started this thread because I needed input from others. That issue was resolved, but this is a new one, though perhaps related?

I made sure everything is up to date and also tried logging out and back in again, since those were some of the suggestions from one of the forums I found. What bothers me is there are also a bunch of forum posts here and elsewhere where there was no answer. If this doesn't work, do I lose months of work?? I do have the html files, however. Now I am on the hunt for a Mobirise alternative. I have two other large projects pending this year and I can't trust Mobirise to be stable enough. Seems like it is just one more greedy money-suck company existing just this side of fraud If you use some third-party extensions, please try to remove the blocks added with them.

After rebuilding the page from scratch and test-previewing it step by step, I think it may be the DeltaPhi code editor element that Mobirise is no longer playing nice with and I did make sure all are up to date versions. Which sucks because I need it to embed an interactive map that is the whole point for the page While it now previews with the map in it something it had stopped doing for any page before , it messes up the other elements, even after using a hard refresh which fixed the first problem that I posted about.

This is what it should look like, as it appears in Mobirise: And this is what it looks like in my Firefox browser when I click preview: When I look at the code for the block that is being messed up, the editor is divided into two columns, one "HTML" and one "LESS. However, this may be a clue as to what is going wrong because the first lines of both have error markers.

When I click on them, the error message is shown.

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