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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Start by marking “Cisco Router Configuration: A Practical Introduction to Cisco IOS Software. View and Download Cisco configuration manual online. Software Configuration Guide. network router pdf manual download. Also for: - router. Catalyst Switch Software Configuration Guide. OL Configuring Cisco IOS Agents Enabling Automated CNS Configuration CHANGE DEFAULT PORT VNC SERVER LINUX

Figur e 1 -1 Identifying the Cisco V G The Cisco VG is used as an example. See Figure 1 -2 on page Port numbering co n vention for the Cisco VG is as fo llows:. This is not a redundant failo ver power su pply connection.

You must use either AC. This section descri bes what you need to kno w about the Cisco IOS softw are before you conf igure the. This chap ter includes the follo wing:. Understanding these concepts will sa ve time as you begin to us e the CLI. If you ha ve ne ver used.

Cisco IOS software or need a refresher , take a few minutes to read this chapter before you proceed to the. Use the question mark? Y ou can continue to press. The Cisco IOS user interface is di vided into different mo des. Each command mode permits you to. The commands av ailable at an y gi ven time depend on.

Entering a question mark? Ta b l e lists the most common command modes. T imesaver Each command mode restricts you to a subset of commands. If you are ha ving trouble enteri ng a. Y ou might. In the follo wing example, noti ce how the prompt changes after each command to indicate a ne w.

Router configure terminal. The last message is normal and does not indicate an erro r. Press Return to get the Router prompt. Note Y ou can press Ctrl-Z in any mode to immedi ately return to enable mode Router , instead of entering. If you want t o undo a command you entered or disab le a feature, enter the ke yword no before most.

Ta b l e 1 -1 Com mon Command Mod es. Command Mode Access Method. Displayed Exit Method. Global conf iguration From the pri vileg ed. Router confi g T o e xit to pri vile ged. Interface co nfigu ration From the global.

Router confi g-if T o e xit to global. T o ex it directly to. Y ou need to enter the copy running-config startup-conf ig command to save your conf iguration changes. For e xample:. Router copy running-confi g startup-config. Af ter the confi guration has been. Figure sho ws a typical de ployment scenario for t he Cisco V G voice g atew ay. No w that you ha ve learned some Cisco IOS software basics, you can begin to configure the rout er using.

If you ha ve dif ficulty entering a co mmand,. This chapter d escribes how to use the setup command f acility to conf igure your Cisco VG Th e setup. If you prefer to configure the rout er manually or you wish to conf ig ure a module or interface that is not.

Before you po wer on your Cisco V G and be gin to use the setup command facil ity , make sure to. Step 1 Set up the hardware as de scribed in the installation do cuments for your Cisco VG Step 2 Config ure your PC terminal emulation pro gram for 96 00 baud, 8 data bits, no parit y , and 1 stop bit. Step 3 Determine which netw ork protocols you are supp orting.

Step 4 Determine the addressing plan for each network protocol. Chapter 2 Using the setup Command. The setup command facility is di splayed in your PC terminal emu lation program windo w. T o create a basic conf iguration for your Cisco V G, do the follo wing:.

Note If you make a mistake while using the setup command facil ity , you can exit and run the facility ag ain. Press Ctrl-C , and type setup at the enable mode prompt Router. Step 1 Po wer on the Cisco VG The po wer switch is on the rear panel o f the Cisco VG , at the lo wer-ri ght. Messages begin to appea r in your termina l emulation pro gram window. Caution Do not pr ess any ke ys on the k e yboar d until the messa ges stop. Any ke ys pressed during this time are.

It takes a fe w minutes for the messages to stop. The messages look similar to the follo wing:. Note Much of the follo wing e xample is lar gely for a Cisco V G The messages v ary , depending on. System Bootstrap, Version Copyright c by cisco Systems, Inc. Main memory is configured to 64 bit mode with parity disabled. Configuring Global Paramete rs. Use, duplication, or disclosure by the Government is. Rights clause at FAR sec.

Image text-base:0xF8F4, data-base:0x DRAM configuration is 64 bits wide with parity disabled. Option for system fpga is 'system'. System is running with system fpga version upgrade. Configuring Global Parameter s. Would you like to enter the initial configuration dialog? At any point you may enter a question mark '? Use ctrl-c to abort configuration dialog at any prompt.

Default settings are in square brackets '[]'. Step 2 When the follo wing me ssage appears, enter ye s to begin the i nitial configurati on dialog:. Note If you answer no to this message, yo u are prompted to terminate A utoInstall. Auto Install is a. Note The number of interfaces shown depends o n the Cisco VG Step 3 When the follo wing me ssage appears, press Return to see the current interface su mmary:.

First, would you like to see the current interface summary? Any interface listed with OK? Method Status Protocol. Step 4 Enter a host name f or the Cisco VG Enter host name [Router]: VG The enable secret is a password used to protect access to privileged EXEC and.

This password, after entered, becomes encrypted in the configuration. Step 5 Enter an enable secret password. This password is encrypted more secure an d cannot be seen when. Enter enable secret:. The enable password is used when you do not specify an enable secret password, with some. Step 6 Enter an enable passwor d that is dif ferent from the enable secret password.

This passw ord is not. Enter enable password:. The virtual terminal password is used to protect access to the router over a network. Step 7 Enter the virtual terminal passw ord, which pre v ents unauthenticated access to the router th rough ports. Step 8 Respond to the follo wing prompts as appropriate f or your network:. Configuring Controller and Interface Parameters.

Your IGRP autonomous system number [1]: 1. All users dialing in through the PRI will need to be. The username and password are. Do you want to enter username and passwords for PPP authentication? The following ISDN switch types are available:. If you do not want to configure ISDN.

Northern Telecom switch type for US and Canada. European switch type for NET5. Note BRI is not currently supp orted. From this point on in t he setup process, the prompts you see v ary depending on the interface cards. The follo wing sections provide e xamples of the setup steps for card. Refer to the sections approp riate to your Cisco V G Config uration exampl es include the follo wing:.

When you complete the setup steps for yo ur interface modules, go t o Completing the Conf iguration ,. This section illustrates th e follo wing:. This section contains a sample conf iguration for the Fast Et hernet interface.

Enter the values appropriate. The messages yo u see may v ary. Class A network is 6. When you ha ve pro vided all the information prompted f or by the setup command f acility , the. T o compl ete your conf iguration, do the follo wing:. Step 1 A setup command f acility prompt asks if you want to sav e this conf iguration, with the follo wing options:. If you answer 0 , the conf iguration information you entered is not sav ed, and you return to the Cisco.

VG enable pr ompt Router. T ype setup to return to the System Conf iguration Di alog. If you answer 1 , you ret urn to setup withou t saving t he configurati on. Ho we ver , this is not a complete configuratio n. At this. Enter the follo wing:. Router setup. At this point you can pro ceed to the follo wing:. These public ations are av ailable on Cisco. For more information, refer to.

Follo w the procedures in this chapter to configu re the Cisco VG man ually or , if you want to, change. This chapter does not describe e very conf iguration possible—only a small porti on of the most co mmonly. F or adv anced conf iguration to pics, refer to the Cisco IOS conf iguration. The chapter contains important. Chapter 3 Configu ring with the Command-Lin e Interface. Configuring the Host Name an d Password. One of the fi rst configurati on tasks you might w ant to do is to conf igure the host name and set an.

Configuring a host na me allows you to disting uish multiple Cisco VGs and. Setting an encrypted password allows y ou to pre ven t unauthorized co nfiguratio n. Command Purpose. Enters enable mod e. Enter the password.

Y ou hav e entered enable mode wh en the prompt. Step 2 Router conf igure termina l. Enter confi guration com mands, one p er line. Enters global conf iguration mode. Y ou hav e. Step 3 Router confi g hostname VG Changes the name of the Cisco V G to a. Substitute your h ost name for. Step 4 Router confi g enable se cret guessme Enters an enab le secret passw ord.

This passw ord. Substitute your enable secret passwo rd for. Step 5 Router config line con 0. Router config-line exec-timeout 0 0. Router config-line exit. Enters line conf igurat ion mode to conf igure the. When you enter line conf iguration. Router config-line. Exits back to global conf iguratio n mode. Chapter 3 Configuring with the Command -Line Interface.

T o v erify that you conf igured th e correct host name an d password:. Step 1 Enter the show conf ig command:. Router config show config. Check the host name and encrypt ed password displayed near t he top of the command output. Step 2 Exit global co nfiguratio n mode and attempt to reenter i t using the ne w enable password :.

Ti p If you are ha ving trouble, ensure t he follo wing:. Passwords are case sensitiv e. Configuring Fast Ethernet Inter faces. T o conf igure a Fast Ethernet interface, use the co nfi guration software pro vided with your Ci sco VG Otherwise, for greate st power and flexibility , use configuration mo de manual. AutoInstall process. W AN connection on both ends and the Cisco VG does not hav e a v alid conf iguration file stored in.

NVRAM for instance, when you add a new in terface. It can take se veral minutes for the Cisco VG This section descri bes basic configu ration, including enabling the interface and speci fying IP routing. Depending on you r o wn requirements and the protocols you pl an to route, you migh t also need to enter. Before you be gin conf iguring the interf aces, make sure to do the follo wing:. Step 3 Router ip r outing. Router ipx rou ting.

Enables rou ting protocol s as required fo r your. This example u ses IP routing. Router confi g-if. Enters interf ace conf iguration mode. Step 5 Router confi g-if ip add ress Assigns an IP address an d subnet mask to the. Step 6 Router confi g-if ipx network B0 05 Config ures routing protocols on the interface. In this e xample, IPX. Saving Conf iguration Chan ges. Th ese publications are a v ailable on Cisco.

For these an d other documents, see Obtaining. Documentation, page x. Step 7 Router confi g-if exit Exits back to global conf iguratio n mode. Step 8 Router confi g-if Ctrl-z. When you f inish conf iguring interfaces, returns to. Enters enable mode. Enter the passwor d. Y ou hav e entered enable mode when the prompt. Step 3 Router confi g-if Ctrl-z. Returns to enable mode. This message is normal and does not indicate an. This chapter explains ho w to configure v oice interf aces and ports, which con vert telephone v oice signals.

V oIP of fers the following benef its:. Whene ver you install a ne w interface, or if you want to change the conf iguration of an existing interface,. If you replace a module that was al ready configured, the Cisco V G Before you configure an interface, ha ve the follo wing information a vail able:. T imesaver Obtain this information from your system administr ator or network p lan before you be gin conf iguring. T o conf igure a voice interface, you must use conf ig uration mode manual confi guration.

In this mode,. Chapter 4 Configurin g Voice over IP. T o conf igure the voice interface conf ig uration mode, follo w this procedure:. Step 1 Connect a console to th e Cisco VG If you n eed inst ructions for connect ing a console, refer to the. Step 2 Po wer on the Cisco VG If the current conf iguration is no long er v alid, after about one minute you.

Would you like to enter the initial dialog? Answer no. Y ou now enter th e normal operating mode of the Cisco VG Note If the current conf iguration is v alid, you enter the normal operating mode automatical ly. T ype ena ble and the password to enter. Config uration changes can be made only in enable mode. Th e prompt changes to the pri vileged EXEC. Step 4 Enter the conf igure termi nal command to enter conf igurat ion mode:.

The Cisco VG enters glo bal configur ation mode, indicated by the Router config pr ompt. Router config ip routing. For complete in formation about gl obal conf iguratio n command s, refer to the Cisco IOS conf iguratio n. Step 6 If you hav e not already done so, conf igure the network module or W AN interface c ard that you plan to. Step 7 T o conf igure another interface, enter the exit co mmand to return to the Router config prompt. Step 9 When you finish conf igurin g interfaces, exit configuration mode a nd return to the enable prompt b y.

T o see the current operating configuration, including an y changes you just made, enter. Router show running-config. T o see the co nfiguratio n currently stored in NVRAM, en ter the sho w startup-conf ig command at the. Router show startup-config. Step 10 The results of the show running-conf ig and show startup-conf ig commands dif fer from each other if. T o write your. Router copy running-config startup-config.

The Cisco VG is now con figured t o boot in the ne w conf iguration. For furth er information on V oIP conf iguration procedures an d debug co mmands, refer to the follo wing:. This appendix presen ts the follo wing sample conf igurations for the Cisco VG This appendix describe s ho w to format t he compact flash memory into a Class B flash f ile system, kno wn.

DOS file system. It also describes how to perform file and directory o perations in eac h file system. This appendix presen ts the follo wing major top ics:. The follo wing sections descri be formatting procedu res for internal and e xternal compact flash memory. W e recommend that you erase Class B or format Class C new compact flash memory cards to. This ensures proper formatting and.

Note A compact flash memory card formatted with the st andard DOS f ile system does not support boot ing. T o determine the f ile system of an e xte rnal compact flash me mory card, enter the show slot0: all. T o determine t he file system of an internal compact flash memory card, enter the. The follo wing e xamples sho w sample outputs for Class B and Class C flash f ile systems:. The geometry an d format inform ation is not displayed for this format:.

Router show slot0: all. The geometry and format information is displayed in th is forma:. Router show flash: all. The geometry and format information is displayed i n this format:. For e xternal compact flash memory cards, enter the er ase slot0: command. For internal compact flash memory cards, enter the erase flash: command. The follo wing ex ample sho ws sample output for formatti ng an external compact flash memory card with.

Erasing the slot0 filesystem will remove all files! End File System flash card! File and D irectory O perations. Use these formatting commands t o do the follo wing:. For e xternal compact flash memory cards, enter the format slot0: command.

For internal compact flash memory cards, enter the f ormat flash: command. More Details Original Title. Other Editions 1. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Cisco Router Configuration , please sign up.

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Ctrl-N or the Down Arrow key 1. Returns to more recent commands in the history buffer after recalling commands with Ctrl-P or the Up Arrow key. Because the CLI is divided into many different modes, the commands available to you at any given time depend on the mode that you are currently in. Entering a question mark? User EXEC mode contains only a limited subset of commands.

To have access to all commands, you must enter privileged EXEC mode, normally by using a password. Most EXEC commands are one-time commands. For example, show commands show important status information, and clear commands clear counters or interfaces. The EXEC commands are not saved when the software reboots. Configuration modes allow you to make changes to the running configuration. If you later save the running configuration to the startup configuration, these changed commands are stored when the software is rebooted.

To enter specific configuration modes, you must start at global configuration mode. From global configuration mode, you can enter interface configuration mode and a variety of other modes, such as protocol-specific modes. If a valid software image is not found when the software boots or if the configuration file is corrupted at startup, the software might enter ROM monitor mode.

It also shows examples of the prompts displayed for each mode. From privileged EXEC mode, use the configure terminal command. Router config. To return to privileged EXEC mode from global configuration mode, use the exit or end command.

From global configuration mode, specify an interface using an interface command. Router config-if. To return to global configuration mode, use the exit command. In some cases, diagnostic mode will be reached when the Cisco IOS process or processes fail. In most scenarios, however, the router will reload. A user-configured access policy is configured using the transport-map command that directs a user into diagnostic mode. A break signal Ctrl-C , Ctrl-Shift-6 , or the send break command is entered and the router is configured to go to diagnostic mode when the break signal is received.

Router diag. If failure of the Cisco IOS process is the reason for entering diagnostic mode, the Cisco IOS problem must be resolved and the router rebooted to get out of diagnostic mode. If the router is in diagnostic mode because of a transport-map configuration, access the router through another port or by using a method that is configured to connect to the Cisco IOS CLI.

Press the Break key during the first 60 seconds while the system is booting. To exit ROM monitor mode, manually boot a valid image or perform a reset with autoboot set so that a valid image is loaded. The IOS process or processes fail, in some scenarios. In other scenarios, the system resets when the IOS process or processes fail.

A user-configured access policy was configured using the transport-map command that directs the user into the diagnostic mode. A send break signal Ctrl-C or Ctrl-Shift-6 was entered while accessing the router, and the router was configured to enter diagnostic mode when a break signal was sent. In the diagnostic mode, a subset of the commands that are available in user EXEC mode are made available to the users. Among other things, these commands can be used to:.

Reboot hardware, such as the entire router, a module, or possibly other hardware components. The diagnostic mode provides a more comprehensive user interface for troubleshooting than previous routers, which relied on limited access methods during failures, such as ROMMON, to diagnose and troubleshoot Cisco IOS problems. The diagnostic mode commands can work when the Cisco IOS process is not working properly. These commands are also available in privileged EXEC mode on the router when the router is working normally.

You can also get a list of keywords and arguments associated with any command by using the context-sensitive help feature. To get help that is specific to a command mode, a command, a keyword, or an argument, use one of the following commands. This section provides information about how to display the syntax for a command. The syntax can consist of optional or required keywords and arguments.

To display keywords and arguments for a command, enter a question mark? For example, if you are in global configuration mode and want to see all the keywords and arguments for the arap command, you should type arap? On older keyboards, the carriage return key is the Return key. On most modern keyboards, the carriage return key is the Enter key.

The following table shows examples of using the question mark? Enter the enable command and password to access privileged EXEC commands. Enter the configure terminal privileged EXEC command to enter global configuration mode. You are in global configuration mode when the prompt changes to Router config.

Enter interface configuration mode by specifying the interface that you want to configure, using the interface GigabitEthernet global configuration command. You are in interface configuration mode when the prompt changes to Router config-if. This example shows only some of the available interface configuration commands. Enter the command that you want to configure for the interface.

This example uses the ip command. This example shows only some of the available interface IP configuration commands. This example uses the ip address command. In this example, you must enter an IP address or the negotiated keyword. Therefore, you must enter additional keywords or arguments to complete the command. Enter the keyword or argument that you want to use.

This example uses the In this example, you must enter an IP subnet mask. In this example, you can enter the secondary keyword, or you can press Enter. Press Enter to complete the command, or enter another keyword. Almost every configuration command has a no form. In general, use the no form to disable a function.

Use the command without the no keyword to re-enable a disabled function or to enable a function that is disabled by default. For example, IP routing is enabled by default. To disable IP routing, use the no ip routing command; to re-enable IP routing, use the ip routing command. The Cisco IOS software command reference publications provide the complete syntax for the configuration commands and describe what the no form of a command does.

Many CLI commands also have a default form. The Cisco IOS software command reference publications describe the function from a default form of the command when the default form performs a different function than the plain and no forms of the command. To see what default commands are available on your system, enter default? The data can be configuration, log files, boot variables, core files, and so on. The factory-reset all command erases the bootflash, nvram, rommon variables, licenses, and logs.

Use the copy running-config startup-config command to save your configuration changes to the startup configuration so that the changes will not be lost if the software reloads or a power outage occurs. For example:. It may take a few minutes to save the configuration. After the configuration has been saved, the following output is displayed:. The startup configuration file is stored in the nvram: file system and the running configuration files are stored in the system: file system.

This configuration file storage setup is also used on several other Cisco router platforms. Backing up the startup configuration file provides an easy method of recovering the startup configuration file if the startup configuration file in NVRAM becomes unusable for any reason. The copy command can be used to back up startup configuration files. You can search and filter the output of show and more commands. This functionality is useful if you need to sort through large amounts of output or if you want to exclude output that you need not see.

In this example, a modifier of the show interface command include protocol is used to provide only the output lines in which the expression protocol is displayed:. Ensure that any configuration needed after startup is saved before powering off the router. The copy running-config startup-config command saves the configuration in NVRAM and after the router is powered up, the router initializes with the saved configuration.

The group of feature sets that are available for a specific platform depends on which Cisco software images are included in a release. Use Cisco Feature Navigator to find information about platform support and software image support. Cisco Feature Navigator is a tool that enables you to determine which Cisco IOS XE software images support a specific software release, feature set, or platform. To use the navigator tool, an account on Cisco. Cisco maintains the Software Advisor tool.

See Tools and Resources. Use the Software Advisor tool to see if a feature is supported in a Cisco IOS XE release, to locate the software document for that feature, or to check the minimum software requirements of Cisco IOS XE software with the hardware installed on your router. You must be a registered user on Cisco.

See the Release Notes document for the Cisco Series for information about the following:. Release notes are intended to be release-specific for the most current release, and the information provided in these documents may not be cumulative in providing information about features that first appeared in previous releases. An inactivity timeout is configurable and can be enforced. Session locking provides protection from two users overwriting changes that the other has made. To prevent an internal process from using all the available capacity, some spare capacity is reserved for CLI session access.

For example, this allows a user to remotely access a router. Session locking provides protection from two users overwriting changes that each other has made. For example, this allows a user to remotely access the router. The value of minutes sets the amount of time that the CLI waits before timing out. Specify a value of 0 for minutes to disable session timeout. Before you can use the lock command, you need to configure the line using the lockable command.

In this example the line is configured as lockable , and then the lock command is used and a temporary password is assigned. Router configure terminal. Enter the line upon which you want to be able to use the lock command. Router config lockable. Router config exit. The Enforce Changing Default Password feature allows you to change the default password and set a new password for a better encryption algorithm. The enable secret is a command that allows you to set a new password which helps to protect the access to different modes such as a privileged EXEC and configuration mode.

With the earlier software versions, you can bypass the option to set a new enabled password. When the device first boots up after the factory reset or fresh from the factory, the following prompt is displayed on the console:. At this point, you can configure the device and bring it into service with a blank enable password.

In the earlier documentation, Cisco recommended using the enable secret command instead of the enable password command because this provides an improved encryption algorithm. The following is an example:. The following is an example of what happens if you answer no to the initial configuration dialog:. After the enable secret is prompted during the first login, you can enter a password and this password is always masked.

If you enter a weak password, the device will prompt again to enter a strong password. For example, you must use the standard mix of upper-case and lower-case characters, special characters, numbers, and so on. The device will continue to prompt until you enter a strong password. You should enter the strong secret password twice for confirming and configuring the device.

Skip to content Skip to search Skip to footer. Book Contents Book Contents. Find Matches in This Book. Log in to Save Content. PDF - Complete Book 4. Updated: September 24, At the password prompt, enter your system password: Password: enablepass When your password is accepted, the privileged EXEC mode prompt is displayed. Choosing a key modulus greater than may take a few minutes. Using Telnet to Access a Console Interface Procedure Step 1 From your terminal or PC, enter one of the following commands: connect host [ port ] [ keyword ] telnet host [ port ] [ keyword ] Here, host is the router hostname or IP address, port is a decimal port number 23 is the default , and keyword is a supported keyword.

Note If you are using an access server, specify a valid port number, such as telnet Interface configuration commands modify the operation of an interface such as an Ethernet or serial port. Many features are enabled on a per-interface basis. Interface configuration commands always follow an interface global configuration command, which defines the interface type.

Enter the interface type number command from global configuration mode. ROM monitor commands are used to perform low-level diagnostics. You can also use the ROM monitor commands to recover from a system failure and stop the boot process in a specific operating environment. Almost every configuration command also has a no form. In general, use the no form to disable a feature or function. Use the command without the keyword no to reenable a disabled feature or to enable a feature that is disabled by default.

For example, IP routing is enabled by default. To disable IP routing, enter the no ip routing command and enter ip routing to reenable it. The Cisco IOS software command reference publication provides the complete syntax for the configuration commands and describes what the no form of a command does. In any command mode, you can list the available commands by entering a question mark? To obtain a list of commands that begin with a particular character sequence, type in those characters followed immediately by the question mark?

Do not include a space. This form of help is called word help because it completes a word for you. To list keywords or arguments, enter a question mark in place of a keyword or argument. Include a space before the question mark. This form of help is called command syntax help, because it reminds you which keywords or arguments are applicable, based on the commands, keywords, and arguments you have already entered.

You can also abbreviate commands and keywords by entering just enough characters to make the command unique from other commands. For example, you can abbreviate the show command to sh. Whenever you make changes to the RPM configuration, you must save the changes to memory so they will not be lost if the system is rebooted.

There are two types of configuration files: the running current operating configuration and the startup configuration. To display the current running configuration, enter the show running-config command. Enter the copy running-config startup-config command to save the current running configuration to the startup configuration file in NVRAM.

To display the startup configuration, enter the show startup-config command. Enter the copy startup-config running-config command to write the startup configuration to the running configuration. To erase both configuration files and start over , enter the write erase and reload commands:.

Step 1 Connect a console terminal to the RPM. Step 2 When you are prompted to enter the initial dialog, enter no to go into the normal operating mode of the RPM:.

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Winscp indir iphone Allan Leinwand. Error messages that might be encountered while using the CLI are shown in Table If the current conf iguration is no long er v alid, after about one minute you. The follo wing va riables are optional:. Robert Barbie added it Jan 28, Cisco V G V oice Gate w a y.
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Cyberduck for powerpc architecture When the cursor reaches the right margin, the command line shifts ten spaces to the left. Press Return to get the Router prompt. Step 8 Router confi g-if Ctrl-z. Enters enable mode. For example:. Before Cisco IOS release 15, releases were split into several trainseach containing a different set of features. There is a buffer for the EXEC mode and another buffer for the configuration mode.
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