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- Updated Czech localization. - Turned off "Replace text smilies with emoticons" option by default due to compatibility issues with certain versions of Windows. e-mail address for administrative notification, for notices to users, , tag (HTML), 50, emoticons, converting to graphics. Giphy support, new Emoticons and beautiful new eM Stickers. Jazz up your emails! Change the format of an email (plain text / HTML). CAMERA ZOOM FX DOWNLOAD FULL

More information. History of all eM Client versions ever released. This should provide more reliable services going forward. Fixes - Several fixes for Google calendars and tasks. Other New Features - Outlook import now also supports import of settings, meeting attendees, free-busy. Fixes - Several fixes in Thunderbird import - Fixed several bugs with multiple emails printing. Fixes - Facebook chat authentication problem fixed please recreate your Facebook chat account.

Brand New eM Client 3. Features - Brand new Account Wizard. Fixes and optimization - Major startup speed improvement. This applies only to new rules or after their modification. Fixes - Fix sending scheduling item invitations.

Fixes - Outlook import compatibility improvements. Features - Option to choose the target folder when importing emails. Fixes - Fix license verification issue. User Interface - Left and right panel now behaves the exact same way. E-mails - Support for user-defined saved search folders. Calendar and tasks - New To-Do box in sidebar. Instant Messaging - Improved detached mode for Instant Messaging contact list. Fixes - Fixed occasional issue with dummy messages appearing while deleting messages.

Improvements - Nicer time labels in calendar week view. Fixes - Fixed crash on Reply when no account was created. Fixes - several Outlook import fixes and improvements - time zone fix for full screen communication history - several other fixes. Fixes - Fix for Outlook import for some specific Outlook installations. Features - Print also folder name when printing events. Fixes - Fixed parsing of some specific email addresses.

Fixes - Signatures not appended to certain emails. If the sender and recipient have never met, moreover if a cultural barrier exists between the two, smileys can come across as forced or incompetent. Among familiar colleagues, on the other hand, the use of smileys is completely unproblematic. Critical emails in particular can be positively influenced with a well-picked smiley. A laughing or winking smiley can weaken negative feelings in the recipient and reduce the risk that they will take a criticism personally.

If your "counterpart" uses smileys in email communication, it doesn't mean you have to do the same so as not to appear rude. Of course, this doesn't mean you shouldn't adapt your style to different recipients at all. What always remains decisive anyway is the eventual tone and language of your email. A short answer is: no.

Subject lines should remain clear instead of being stuffed with small icons. Many email clients may have issues recognizing the emojis anyway, and only turn these subject lines into cryptic mess. Also, emails containing special characters such as smileys and emojis either in subject line or in body text easily end up in spam — especially in the business environment. Luckily, eM Client has an extensive support for hundreds of emojis all standard ones, including skin color selection and categorization , a beautiful custom-made set of stickers, and there's also the entire Giphy database for you to use.

And in the meantime, check out our YouTube channel for how-to videos. More information Accept. Back to Blog.

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