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UltraVnc Single Click - Repeater. UltraVNC Repeater Mode I. Usage. Viewer can be behind Nat router or directly connected to the internet. Easy & secure remote access from anywhere · Key features · Viewer requirements · Server requirements · Connection without Repeater · Connection through Repeater. VNC remote desktop support software for remote PC control. Free. Anydesk, teamviewer alternative. HOW TO SET UP HEIDISQL Ultravnc sc for mac thunderbird drive in movie time ultravnc sc for mac

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By default most routers are the gateway on your network and are mostly accessible via a HTTP a web page to find your router you may need to ask your administrator or do the following. In the run bar type CMD as indicated below. Or ask the person who had setup your router or read the documentation of the router or perhaps the router came with software. After connecting to your router via a web page you will need to enter a Username and Password.

If your router has no Username and Password or still is using the default Username and Password i suggest you change it to something secure before you find your self hacked out of your router. When changing your password ensure you don't lock yourself out with mistakes, Most routers have a reset button what will reset to defaults but it does mean you will loose all your information and configuration on the router.

You need to find the port forwarding setting on this router it uses NAT to forward ports. On the router setup page click on NAT Setup as indicated below. On the next page click on Configure Port Redirection Table. Under Service Name enter anything you want. Now lets look at a different router and its setup.

Same as before we connect to the router via Internet Explorer and enter the Default Gateway as indicated below. We now will need to enter a password only as this kind of router does not require a Username Enter your password and login to the router as indicated below. On this router you now will need to click on the Forwarding rules as indicated below and then click on the Virtual Server link. On the Virtual Server link you will be able to do your port forwarding.

This is not a problem because vncviewer. So on the support computer you would run vncviewer with the following parameters. Under Service Port enter the port the router should forward from the Internet side. There are many different router with different setups, most of them basically use the same technology in port forwarding. Below is a links from Ultr VNC website for you to with more router setups to look at. Dynamic IP is a IP what changes allot If you do have a Static IP you could associate a Domain name to it, but in any case many people opt to use a Dynamic DNS name because there are so many company's whom offer these services for free.

Most routers today can automatically update Dynamic DNS service provides. Choose a domain name with a supplied extension and keep the name professional. The Dynamic DNS service providers will delete you domain if its not been used for a certain time period. If you have more than one you can enter more in the other Index sections. Under Domain Name enter the domain name you chose and then the extension in the drop down. Very useful for dial up modems You can download them here.

Congratulation's you have hopefully successfully understand port forwarding and have setup your own router. Section 4: Configure the helpdesk. You now will need to configure the helpdesk. The helpdesk. Since this configuration is meant to run on the clients computer, the client computer The Computer you wish to control via remote connection will need to know how to find your vncviewer.

To do this we need to tell the helpdesk. After the client has run the EXE they will see something similar to below. There is Two main ways of setting up the helpdesk. One way as seen below where the client see multiple support people and double clicks on the support person they wish or was asked to serve them another way would be to create a EXE for each support person and use the [DIRECT] option, this will connect directly to the support person with out the clients intervention.

Lets look at setting the helpdesk. Establishing connection Let us look at the next option. You will need to make a EXE for each of the support people. Congratulation's you have successfully finished the helpdesk. Section 5: Editing your company logo for the EXE 1. You can also add your own image as long as its the same size as the logo.

Size: UltraVNC is about k while SC is only about k SC can only do a reverse connection while the normal version server can listen to viewer connections. SC can only do File Transfers, Directory transfer is not yet supported but will be soon. SC don't use registry and password. Settings are preconfigured, password is not needed for an outgoing connection. The SC version is initiated by the person that shares his desktop: he needs to voluntary click to initiate the connection.

You can use up to bit encryption. The server can only connect to the IP address you have predefined. No incoming connections, no unattended service connection. SC is automatically and systematically uninstalled when the connection is closed. How to create my own version?

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