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50 AnyDesk Promo Codes & Coupons now on HotDeals. Today's top AnyDesk promotion: Up to 20% off selected products. Dare 2b Providence Ski Jacket. For cucks & sluts showing photos and videos through AnyDesk, Teamviewer, Let's see if you dare let me dig into your pics to see your girl's nudes. Anydesk is simpler to use and is very lightweight as compared to other tools and has most of the needed tools for remote desktop sharing and remote debugging. XSTARTUP VNC SERVER SETUP

So please install the latest apk file from this website. But AnyDesk APK installing the app file, check for its package name, version, developer use es file explorer , and permissions it apk and checks those in the play store. AnyDesk APK is an app that is very popular with people because there are so many benefits that can be used.

It is a safe app for Android devices. Ha una valutazione positiva di 4,5 su 5 stelle nel Google Play Store. Quindi non preoccuparti per lo spazio. Scarica Giochi Apk Mod Premium completamente gratis con nuove funzioni senza doverle pagare! Queste app sarebbero disponibili anche su Google Play, ma non gratuitamente. Apk Devil. MOD Giochi. Action Adventure Arcade Card. Casual Education Puzzle. Racing Role Playing Simulation.

Sports Strategy Trivia. Personalization Photography Productivity Social. Aggiornato su: mar 07, Seamless connectivity in any situation, for any use case. Unparalleled performance. Flexible license models. Easily customized. Fast Download Our lightweight AnyDesk app ensures fast downloads and keeps file sizes small. Ease of Use AnyDesk is easy to set up and easy to use. Performance With AnyDesk you get unparalleled performance, reliable security, and stable connectivity.

Customization AnyDesk can be easily customized to your specific workflow. Mobile Solution Use AnyDesk to administer external support for customers or to establish Remote Desktop links with your office. Stream free. No registration required. The best collection of movies and shows. An easy and unbreakable connection. High-quality performance. The interface is easy to use.. It contains a user-friendly interface.

This Application did not have any hidden charges to use. Download Click on the button above to download the application. Allow unknown sources After downloading the application, open your device's Settings and select Security or Applications depending on your device. Works really well on mobile devices. With AnyDesk my office is just a click away. Ease of use, AnyDesk is fairly is easy to set up even for a first time user.

The User Interface is simple and it is easy to navigate through the menu options. Stable and Reliable, this is very important while you are working from home, miles away from your office. AnyDesk is a stellar performer in this regard. Virtual Conferencing is one of the best feature available with AnyDesk which helps to share and discuss my ideas with team members remotely.

Ability to control your remote Personal Computer through mobile device- This nifty feature is helps us to access remote computers through the AnyDesk mobile application. Users can use the app to perform task like file transfer, shut down or restart a PC.

Whitelist- is a feature which authorizes only selected users to access your remote PC. This is a great security feature prevents unauthorized access to sensitive data. Keyboard shortcuts are easy to use and assign. Works fairly well on low bandwidth internet connections. Having used AnyDesk for almost two years I haven't come across a con that can be deal breaker. Commenti: Anydesk is very easy to setup at client computers especially for non-tech savvy users.

Setting up unattended access is also very simple. Remote access through anydesk is quick, doesn't require a very fast connection and you can use it to transmit also sound from the remote computer. Anydesk is very light weight and very quick to start.

Users can download it and run it without the need to install it and the initial setup is not complicated. Running anydesk on mac for the first time can be a bit tricky for non-experienced users as they need to go to system preferences and allow access to anydesk.

Commenti: Easy to set up, almost immediate to learn although some advanced and useful functions, e. AnyDesk is mostly used for remote user assistance and service ticket management. Still, I find it very effective with dealing with my Android TV box. Like most TV boxes, it has got no keyboard and navigating through menus may be cumbersome. By installing AnyDesk which has a free, cross-platform version with lots of features on both the TV box and my Windows 10 PC, I can use the latter with its keyboard and touchpad to install and customise apps on the former.

If you use your TV box with complex media management pieces of software like Kodi or Plex, you know how much time and care they require to fully configure all functions and parameters. Once you have become familiar with AnyDesk, there are many more functions that you may enjoy. You can e. Emulating Android special keys on a PC keyboard may be complex and hard to remember. Installing on Android machines requires an additional component that is hardware-dependent: although this is pretty straight-away on most machine, it may prove complex on less wide-spread models.

Finally, of course, some advanced functions are premium only, but this is only fair. Overall, I can't see any major flaws in AnyDesk, although I must say that I am not using it for professional use. If you plan to use it to manage a custom help centre with tens of supported users, you may want to check another review before you buy the premium version.

I also support clients with the software and even computers from the company where I work. I can access computers from anywhere at any time due to being multiplatform, operating via Windows, Linux and mobile. Anydesk is indispensable in my day-to-day. Anydesk is very easy to use software, allowing remote control of several computers at the same time. Very light and safe, facilitating support for customers, being possible to use the desktop and mobile version.

Among the various features of the software, the following stand out: - Possibility of simultaneous access to several computers; - Secure access via authentication password; - Multiplatforms, being possible to run on Windows or Linux and mobile computers.

The only flawed point I notice is that the software allows remote control of the computer simultaneously by more than one application. In my opinion, this is not very safe, as it would allow for badly designed hacker control. For this possibility, there should be two-factor authentication to increase security, such as sending SMS or email. This is the only downside of the software. Commenti: All software reliable for this purpose seems to live in unreality, they are too expensive.

But you need them, as going to your customer is expensive and often inconvenient. Anydesk has a fast learning curve, our users and customers found it easy to use. It also lacks to be able to buy in local currency, without variations of the dollar. Apart from the cost, it works very well for us. Less expensive than more equivalent competitors, easier to buy, stable, easy to use. Quite used by several providers. Expensive, very expensive!

An option to buy in local currency is missing. There could be a cheaper option with only remote access. Commenti: I love using AnyDesk, it works really good, it is fast, user friendly and reliable and I can always deliver super support to my customers with the use of this software. I like this Software because it is free and easy to use, also a lot of times it came really handy because it was easy to explain Customers how to install it and setup remote access to their PC.

It is really fast and is very nice to have, especially when PC checkup is required during the night, for which we can setup password protected access so we can connect without the help from the Customer and without interrupting them and their work. Recording option sometimes creates videos which are of bad quality, even though internet connection was stable and ping was good.

Also, in case of longer recordings, they tend to break at some point, take a lot of hdd space and I am unable to scroll it. Finally, it would be nice to have option to save to some desired format too. Commenti: Really pleasant and a great alternative whenever the Teamviewer License we use at work is under use and we've been considering and slowly moving our clients to AnyDesk because paying Teamviewer is now an expensive subscrption when there's so much good alternatives.

It works exactly how'd you expect if you come from using Teamviewer or other remote desktop access applications. You can transfer files, keep bookmarks of your most accessed computers or just organize them. Anydesk has also improved with time, which now I find no use to keep paying for Teamviewer which has become really expensive as of late.

Anydesk has a lot of the options you would need from Teamviewer and does them right and secure. Even better when the price is FREE. It can be a little bit heavy on the CPU side when using it on older hardware. Keep that in mind. If the connection is really slow, it can lag a bit, but you can optimize the image to be quick and disable the sound, whereas in Teamviewer, the image will just freeze and you have to quit Teamviewer, the only issue with AnyDesk is just the CPU Usage.

Also the Mac Version used to be buggy, haven't used it in a while, but Buggy as in all the text was white not sure if it's on the latest OS X, have not used it in a while, been on Windows. Commenti: AnyDesk has allowed us to remote on to clients computers extremely quick, and people who aren't tech savvy can easily set it up. The connection is clean, fast, and crystal clear. I've never had any problems with the connection. It's also FREE! It downloads extremely quick, making it easy to remote on to computers quickly.

The connection is clean and solid. Voice, video, file share, mouse control and typing are all available to be customized. Requesting elevation administrator access, essentially is sometimes a pain if the other party doesn't know what they are doing, but the use of it is understandable.

Sometimes the code to type in is a little odd. Visualizza profilo. Ulteriori informazioni su AnyDesk Pro e contro Aspetti positivi:. Lo consiglieresti? Valutazione del prodotto Valutazione del prodotto 5,0 4,0 3,0 37 2,0 6 1,0 6. Utilizzo Dimensioni dell'azienda. Dimensioni dell'azienda Lavoratore autonomo Durata d'uso. Frequenza d'uso. Frequenza d'uso Ogni giorno Ogni settimana Ogni mese Altro.

Condividi la tua esperienza con altri acquirenti. Scrivi una recensione! Simona D. Consulente applicativo Italia. Software informatici, dipendenti. Fonte della recensione. Anydesk migliore controllo remoto 5 10 mesi fa. Enrico C. Impiegato ufficio CED Italia. Salute, benessere e fitness, dipendenti. Alternative considerate:. Buon software per gestire l'assistenza da remoto ma manca supporto in italiano 4 9 mesi fa. Andrea A. Impiegato Italia. Servizi alla persona e alla famiglia, dipendenti.

Uso di AnyDesk 5 4 mesi fa. Michela I. Presidente Italia. AnyDesk 5 mese scorso Nuova. Noemi S. Ospedali e sistemi sanitari, Abdul F. Senior Officer Bangladesh. Utente LinkedIn Verificato. Traduci in Italiano. Shoukhin M. E-learning, dipendenti.

Clemente A. Gerente Spagna. Juan pablo D. Director Ecuador. Graphic Design, dipendenti. Dinesh S. PhD Research Scholar India. Industria farmaceutica, dipendenti. Dandre D. BI Developer Sudafrica. Studi legali, dipendenti. Pooja K. Servizi e tecnologie dell'informazione, dipendenti. Robert M. Marketing Director USA.

Servizi e tecnologie dell'informazione, 1. Joselyn A. Marketing Specialist USA. Muhammad I. YouTuber, Freelancer Pakistan. Internet, Lavoratore autonomo. Arun K. Manager India.

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You can establish an autonomous, private network that fully shields your data while operating Windows Remote Desktops with AnyDesk On-Premises. All information remains within your own network. All Platforms. All Devices. Download Now. Download Now See all supported operating systems. Dynamic Performance Establish seamless Remote Desktop connections in Windows and offer excellent Remote Support to your customers with the help of thought-through features.

Flexibility Customize AnyDesk with your own brand and logo to highlight your corporate identity. Compatibility AnyDesk is not only compatible with Windows 10 and older. Using AnyDesk professionally? Order Now. Do you need more information? Our Online Help Center provides all the answers. Help Center. Interested in the most relevant changes in our latest AnyDesk version? Learn More. Trusted by over , Customers. More Features. A more descriptive Alias can be assigned to that ID. Both represent an address to a specific AnyDesk client.

Note: Uninstallation will not touch or delete your AnyDesk-ID or configuration files unless explicitly requested in the uninstallation menu. All users have access to this namespace. AnyDesk portable not installed only has an ID. No Alias can be assigned until AnyDesk is installed or manually registered via the my. If you are regularly changing AnyDesk-Aliases or wish to reassign them to a different AnyDesk-ID, please consider using a custom namespace.

Back to Top. Performance and Enterprise license users have the option to purchase their own custom namespace you yourcompany. This allows for the ability to change or reassign the Aliases that are registered to this custom namespace an unlimited number of times. A custom namespace can also be very helpful in securing your devices in combination with our Access Control List.

To purchase a custom namespace, please contact our Sales team or through your my. To backup your ID and Alias, save the service. This enables you to retrieve your ID and Alias in case of data loss. The directory of the configuration files depends on whether you have installed AnyDesk or run it portable:.

On Android, the service. Alternatively, paid license users are able to set or change AnyDesk-Aliases of devices registered to their account through the Clients tab of their my. Aliases in the custom namespace such as myalias company can be changed an unlimited number of times.

On the other hand, each ID can only be linked to a maximum of three Aliases in the public namespace e.

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