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Mountain Duck 4 introduced labels to assign to bookmarks to allow grouping in folders in the status bar and system tray menu. To further ease the lookup of bookmarks for power users with many connections we have now added a search field in the menu in version 4. Cyberduck 7. The Microsoft SharePoint Site connection profile now allows to connect to specific sites. The regular Microsoft SharePoint connection profile adds support to browse different libraries.

Refer to our extended documentation for both OneDrive and SharePoint. The latest version of Cyberuck and Mountain Duck now allow to manually lock and unlock Cryptomator vaults. We are thrilled to announce the release of Mountain Duck 4 — the premier choice to mount server and cloud storage as a disk in Finder on macOS and the File Explorer on Windows. Version 4 adds a file history with a detailed view of transfers in progress and history of recently edited files on your computer and on the server.

Users can select an item to quickly reveal the changed file in the file explorer. Assigning labels to bookmarks allows grouping bookmarks in folders in the menu further enhancing the unobtrusive user interface. Locking files prevents conflicting edits from others while editing a document. Support has been introduced locking files when connecting to a WebDAV server. Additionally, locking for protocols with no native lock support using lock owner files has been implemented to allow alerts for concurrent edits in Microsoft Office.

Also when working with versioned buckets in S3, users can open and revert previous versions of files. Please upgrade your license before updating. Mountain Duck 4 adds a file history feature which allows you to see which files were recently edited by you or someone else on the server and which files are currently transferred or pending synchronization.

The sync progress area of the file history section shows the files that currently get synchronized and the files that will get synchronized after the current synchronization process. There are different synchronization states that can get displayed within that area: idle, active synchronization process, and prepare for synchronization. Shown for active synchronization processes are transfer rate, remaining data, and already transferred data.

If Mountain Duck synchronizes files in a badge, the file state might differ to the state within the file browser. The sync progress display limit is five entries. The second key section of the file history feature is the Recent Files area in which you can see the last 20 items that Mountain Duck uses for one of the following processes: delete, create, upload, and download.

Also, a file may show up with an error state indicating an issue while synchronizing. Further details are available through the Finder or Explorer extension sync options menu item. You can clear out all entries of the list by clicking on the Clear Menu button at the end of the file history menu. Take a couple of minutes to write a short review of your experience with Mountain Duck on Capterra , a site used by business software buyers to find suitable solutions.

Mountain Duck 3, combined with any cloud storage, is a viable, more secure solution to synchronize access to documents on multiple computers and users. With Mountain Duck 3 you have the ability to make files and folders accessible for offline usage selectively. This has the advantage that not all data is kept on your local drive for offline usage compared to clients like Dropbox and Google Drive.

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