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Applications Manager's hybrid cloud monitor gives you rich, actionable insights into your cloud environment by fetching the stats real time and aggregating them. In this whitepaper we will see how these innovations gave rise to the need for a new age cloud-aware network monitoring software which makes large. Applications Manager's Google cloud platform (GCP) monitoring tool helps you automatically detect anomalies before they affect your customers, and identify. IS CYBERDUCK AN FTP CLIENT

Despite the resilience and elasticity of Amazon EC2, there are metrics that need to be closely tracked in terms of capacity, predictability, and interdependence with other applications. Learn more about Amazon EC2 monitoring. Learn more about Amazon RDS monitoring. Amazon S3 is an extremely versatile storage service which can store objects up to 5 TB in size. Using Applications Manager's AWS S3 monitoring, get insights into the storage status of S3 buckets and optimize the cloud resource utilization.

With Applications Manager, monitor AWS metrics, diagnose the root cause of performance issues and trail them back to their origin. Set thresholds and trigger alarms when they are violated or set up automated actions against any breach of threshold to resolve issues before it affects the end user. With Applications Manager's thorough reporting facility, you will not only be able to perform thorough AWS S3 monitoring, but also compare the reports of multiple S3 buckets based on attributes such as bucket size, virtual folders and number of objects.

Amazon SNS is a fully managed publisher-subscriber notification service which provides a low-cost infrastructure designed to deliver messages to large number of subscribers, particularly mobile users. Applications Manager's AWS monitoring helps the publishers achieve high delivery rates of notifications by thoroughly monitoring every one of your SNS topics.

With AWS SNS monitoring software, monitor AWS metrics such as notification delivery and failure rates, SMS deliveries, messages throughput - sent and failed counts, subscription count, etc and get alerted when there is a performance issue. Applictions Manager AWS SNS monitoring software also provides you with region-wise metrics and topic-wise metrics which helps in narrowing down the target audience.

Track key metrics such as requests and throttles, errors and global secondary indexes and provision your DynamoDB instance correctly. Ensure the smooth functioning of your DynamoDB database with Applications Manager's AWS monitoring which gathers data on latency, throttling errors and request throughput and enables you to monitor them efficiently with drill down into performance problems.

Learn more about Amazon DynamoDB monitoring. Learn more about Amazon Aurora monitoring. Applications Manager's Amazon Web Services monitoring tool fetches the financial stats from Amazon Cloudwatch and aggregates the data to present it in a comprehensive dashboard that is easily understandable. Learn more about Amazon Billing.

AWS ELB automatically distributes incoming application traffic across multiple targets, such as EC2 instances, and scales resources to meet traffic demands. Applications Manager's AWS monitoring feature gives you the ability toc monitor your Application and Network Load Balancers, analyze traffic patterns and troubleshoot issues with your load balancers and targets for optimized performance.

With Amazon Web Services AWS Monitoring offered by Applications Manager, gain system-wide visibility into resource utilization, application performance, and operational health of your AWS infrastructure and guarantee seamless cloud application performance. This is how their new architecture looked like after the started implementing OpManager Enterprise at each of the location. Now they are at cross roads. The IT head wants control on what's going on across all branch offices and the regional teams wants to hold on to their own tools.

Then they decided to try a different tool that allows global management with a regional touch. They evaluated OpManager Enterprise edition and felt it was a good fit for the global management. OpManager Enterprise offered them server monitoring, netflow based bandwidth monitoring, and network configuration management in one single bundle. With probes at each location they can now have a single console that offers the complete picture of overall IT to the IT head and also gives the control back to the regional teams.

In addition to the server, network, and VMware monitoring they also used ManageEngine Applications Manager module, which monitors the application and sends alert into OpManager for a unified console. This is about a large fashion house that sells fashion accessories over the web from its online store.

With online store being the only channel for sales, the IT team's primary task was to find out if the site has any performance issues. Any degrade in service levels will impact revenues almost instantly and directly. Their online store was on top of their IT pyramid. The major problem was that each team had its own view of IT management and they brought in different tools to the table. From legacy Big4 tools to some proprietary software for specific storage needs there were a whole lot of tools for managing the devices they had across the two datacenters.

Needless to say this approach to monitoring a private cloud datacenter architecture was no good and soon they started looking for alternatives that were flexible for every team and also offers better cost to performance. They evaluated OpManager Enterprise edition and felt it was a good fit for every team's requirement. Soon those four teams started using the single OpManager enterprise console.

This is how their new architecture looked like after the started implementing OpManager Enterprise. Most large enterprises today are facing the same question - should we retrofit our legacy tools for private cloud environments or should we wait for the pure-play virtualization only tools to grow up and handle everything. Fortunately there is a better alternative today that offers private cloud monitoring capabilities without compromising on infrastructure and network.

From the switch port to the end-user-experience on the application OpManager can handle everything that's important for you at all the three levels - Infrastructure, Virtualization, and IT service level. By default around different networking, storage, and infrastructure device types are supported right from Cisco to NetApp.

VMWare and Hyper-V are supported at the virtualization level. More than monitors and reports that make virtualization monitoring a breeze. Extendable modules that offer in-depth functionality in areas that you need. Netflow based bandwidth monitoring, Router backup and configuration manager, IP address manager, and End-user experience plus applications manager. Truly distributed monitoring with a secure probecentral model that offers both alerts as well as reports on the central console with inbuilt high availability options that doesn't cost you additional burden on budget.

He is also the product manager for OpManager - the network management product of choice for over million Sysadmins and IT pulse - the Facebook type social networking site for IT teams. For any queries he can be reached at devanand manageengine. I have a passion for cars and I believe the best thing that happened to mankind is a car! Caught this one in Japan. Cloud Aware Network Management. What is Server Management? What is SNMP? What is Virtual Server Management?

What is Agentless Network Monitoring? What Is Virtualization? Download PDF Real-life case studies on how large enterprises moved away from traditional legacy tools to ManageEngine OpManager Enterprise Edition for cloud-aware network management experience On-line store with millions of visitors everyday. Cloud is on the rise and for good reasons Never before in our lives have we seen such a drastic transformation in IT as we see with Virtualization and cloud.

Cisco UCS is the first cloud-in-a-box solutions that brought together blade servers, hypervisors, SAN, networking switches together in a single solution. While Spiderman is busy managing the bad guys of New York, our IT guys have to tackle the new Virtual infrastructure because its now more dynamic and most importantly, completely invisible.

Dev Anand is currently the director of product management at ManageEngine handling the Network Performance Management Division where his core job is to identify and design tools that make the life of an IT guy simpler. That's me! Looks stunning even today.

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Proactively detect service outages, application slowdowns, server downtime, and other bottlenecks inside and outside your cloud environment. Avoid false positives on short spikes by comparing to a baseline value, retesting immediately upon error, and increasing the observation window before an alert is generated. This means you avoid overreacting to short hiccups while not missing out on performance anomalies in critical services that really require your attention.

Dig deep into the problem to identify the root cause and employ corrective actions to resolve them before it affects the end users and the functioning of your business operations. Difficulties during cloud migration can influence service delivery and cause slowdowns. With Applications Manager's cloud infrastructure performance monitoring tool, ensure a smoother migration by resolving performance problems faster. You can use Applications Manager's synthetic transaction monitoring capabilities to test performance and functionality and set benchmarks before migration to the cloud.

Applications Manager's cloud monitoring capabilities provides AI-powered reporting features that you can use to analyze trends in performance, and resource usage both pre and post migration, and make informed investment decisions to help drive business value. With Applications manager's hybrid cloud performance monitoring solution, monitor and react to resource changes in your cloud instances.

Become aware of increased CPU, memory, and storage utilization and employ dynamic load distribution mechanisms to ensure they do not impact the delivery of your business services. You can also automate resource provisioning in virtual environments to improve operational efficiency.

With our cloud performance management software, you can manage cloud costs better by optimizing resource usage in relation to cost efficiency and deploying resources at the right price in hybrid cloud environments. Office applications are important in making the coordination between teams in an organization easier. With Applications Manager's cloud performance management software, you can:.

Applications Manager's cloud performance monitor helps ensure peak performance of virtualized environments in private or public data centers. Applications Manager's cloud application performance monitoring capabilities helps you monitor container instances, container orchestrators as well as the distributed applications deployed via containers across your hosts and cloud instances. Comprehensive log management, security, and monitoring tool for public cloud platforms, including AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.

Privileged access management solution that offers secure, central storage of IaaS infrastructure access keys along with privileged user credentials, periodic password resets of cloud services, and one-click login to SaaS applications. Single console to monitor your hybrid IT infrastructure, including servers and applications hosted across geographies in physical, virtual, or cloud setups.

Solution to monitor, analyze, and audit multiple SharePoint deployments both on-premises and cloud from a central console. Integrated change auditing, monitoring, and reporting solution for both Exchange Server and Exchange Online. Privileged password management for storing and managing shared sensitive information such as passwords, documents, and digital identities of enterprises. Key management solution to consolidate, control, manage, monitor, and audit the entire life cycle of SSH and SSL certificates.

Privileged session management solution to centralize, secure, and manage remote connections that provide privileged access to critical business systems. Self-service advanced analytics solution that derives actionable insights from data imported from multiple sources, such as files, applications, and the cloud along with local databases Google Cloud, PostgreSQL, Azure, Amazon Redshift, and more.

ManageEngine's IT management solutions are tightly coupled and can seamlessly communicate with each other to streamline and synchronize your IT workflows. State-of-the-art data centers across the globe with data processing options tailored to fit customer preferences. Highly secure facilities equipped with around-the-clock security measures to protect data from physical and natural disasters.

Periodic backups of user data across multiple servers, mirrored in a separate geographic location for disaster recovery and business continuity purposes, ensuring high availability. Strict adherence to industry standards to ensure data security and privacy. Your trust in our ability to repel and mitigate security threats is paramount to us. ManageEngine is periodically audited and certified by trusted compliance bodies across the globe to emphasize the fact that your data is always safe and secure with us.

Our cloud solutions comply with a number of regulations and global standards, and our team is relentlessly working to hone our security hygiene while expanding the purview of our data compliance programs. Our cloud offerings have privacy features that comply with the GDPR, and our processing of customer data strictly adheres to the GDPR's data protection principles.

The design and operating effectiveness of our processes meet the AICPA's Trust Services Principles criteria and it specifically addresses the privacy principle. Our processes and policies have been reviewed by TRUSTe for compliance with their program requirements for all the controls, including that of privacy. Our solutions can seamlessly integrate with each other and a host of other cloud business applications to enhance IT interoperability. View more case studies » View all case studies ».

Give your IT the cloud advantage. Cloud-native solutions IT management and business applications for IT that are served from Zoho's cloud infrastructure Read more. Cloud-ready solutions On-premises applications that can also be self-hosted on public clouds to monitor, manage, audit, and secure your hybrid infrastructure Read more. ManageEngine's cloud solutions guide for IT teams.

Download Now. Desktop Central Complete UEM solution to control, access, secure and patch all your enterprise endpoints and assets efficiently from a central console. Mobile Device Manager Plus Enterprise mobile device management solution to manage and secure diversified mobile platforms and devices distributed across the globe. Site24x7 All-in-one performance monitoring solution for DevOps and IT operations teams spanning multiple geographies with real-time monitoring; troubleshoot app performance on cloud and virtualization platforms like Amazon Web Services, Azure, and VMware.

Log Cloud Solution for managing and storing log data, auditing security incidents, and meeting compliance objectives from the cloud. Remote Access Plus Enterprise remote access software to access and troubleshoot remote endpoints from a central location. Patch Manager Plus On-demand automated patch management solution to scan and deploy patches for a variety of endpoints spanning multiple locations and roaming users; provides patching support for over third-party applications.

Identity Manager Plus Cloud-based single sign-on service for enterprises that provides users secure, one-click access to business applications. AlarmsOne Alert management solution to centralize, manage, and act on real-time IT alerts from heterogeneous applications on the move. Site24x7 StatusIQ Integrated platform to communicate the live status of websites, service disruptions, and planned maintenance to stakeholders across the globe.

Site24x7 MSP Cloud-based remote monitoring platform for managed service providers and cloud solution providers. Business applications for IT Zoho Projects Cloud-based project management software to organize IT projects, track bugs and issues, and manage project documents with online document tools. Zoho Sprints Online project management solution for agile IT teams, with planning, tracking, and easy collaboration.

Zoho Creator Web-based, low-code platform to build online database applications for your unique business needs, from IT to HR. Zoho Analytics Online business intelligence solution to visually analyze real-time IT data using insightful reports and dashboards. Zoho Workplace All-in-one application suite built for unified communication, team collaboration, and office productivity.

Zoho Mail Secure email hosting solution for reliable business communications with end-to-end encryption and privacy guaranteed. Cloud-ready solutions On-premises applications that can also be self-hosted on public clouds to monitor, manage, audit, and secure your hybrid infrastructure. Cloud infrastructure monitoring, management, auditing, and security solutions Cloud Security Plus Comprehensive log management, security, and monitoring tool for public cloud platforms, including AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.

PAM Privileged access management solution that offers secure, central storage of IaaS infrastructure access keys along with privileged user credentials, periodic password resets of cloud services, and one-click login to SaaS applications. Applications Manager Single console to monitor your hybrid IT infrastructure, including servers and applications hosted across geographies in physical, virtual, or cloud setups.

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