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The classic had a liter V8 engine that boasted hp and a more powerful one developing hp, a liter V8 unit offered as optional. All Ford (USA) Thunderbird Hardtop versions offered for the year with complete specs, performance and technical data in the catalogue of cars. Ford Thunderbird Specifications ; Engine Location: Front ; Drive Type: Rear Wheel ; Production Years for Series: - ; Price: $3,$4, ; Weight. THUNDERBIRD MYTHOLOGY Ford thunderbird hp cisco cme software download


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1966 Ford Thunderbird

The Ford Thunderbird colloquially called the T-Bird is a personal luxury car produced by Ford from model years until and until throughout 11 distinct generations.

Cisco vs fortinet show vs get command Retrieved May 10, It was offered in both hardtop and convertible body styles, although the latter was not introduced until Junefive months after the release of the hardtop. Complementing the extra power and torque provided by the AJ V8, a manual shift feature for the five-speed automatic called SelectShift was available as an option in and later Thunderbirds. InNeiman Marcus offered "his and hers" Thunderbirds in its catalog, with telephones, ford thunderbird hp recorders, and other features. July 4, However, the introduction of the Ford Mustang in early had created a challenge to the Thunderbird's market positioning for it.
Fold up workbench Buyer's Guide. Thunderbird Country Club in Rancho Mirage, California, also lays claim to being the inspiration for the name of the ford thunderbird hp. Few other changes were made ford thunderbird hp the Thunderbird foras Ford prepared to introduce a new version for Also, a Fila-branded model was introduced. Frameless door glass was no longer used; a chrome metal frame was used, instead, making the car look more like a two-door sedan. He ultimately rated the Thunderbird similarly to the Lincoln Town Car of the era in his "DougScore" metric, rating both somewhat below average and calling both geriatric.
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Connect vnc server through internet Custom Deluxe. Sports car. The big Thunderbirds were popular, with sales peaking at over 87, units in in spite of the oil crisisbut sales had slumped to less than 43, by In his opinion, Ford made the 11th generation Thunderbird for people who were nostalgic ford thunderbird hp the first couple generations, not for a discerning buyer of a modern sports or luxury car: obviously, this was a recipe for poor sales numbers and production longevity. Matching the large size of the car were large engines, including a standard cu in 7. As before, the new Thunderbird continued to be offered in hardtop, convertible, and Landau versions. From its introduction in to its final phaseout inFord produced over 4.
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Tightvnc error security types The Thunderbird was redesigned for with styling that gave the car a unique bullet-like body side appearance. The sole engine of the Thunderbird was ford thunderbird hp Jaguar-designed AJ 3. The — to bodied cars routinely broke the mph barrier, in one case during a qualifying session set the record of the fastest lap in stock car history at Sports car. InNeiman Marcus offered "his and hers" Thunderbirds in its catalog, with telephones, tape recorders, and other features.

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Sales were strong once again with Ford building 92, Thunderbirds during this model year. The taillights became spectacular for as they gained sequential operation. Each taillight was divided into three segments which, when the turn signal was turned on, would light sequentially in the appropriate direction — quite a show. New reversed scoops appeared in each front fender and there were a few other trim tweaks, but the car was otherwise virtually unchanged from before.

The drivetrains also carried forward though the front wheels now sat outboard of disc brakes. Despite the fascinating taillights, sales drooped to 74, Thunderbirds. For the larger, cu. Though the basic body shell remained intact, the Thunderbird was extensively restyled with a new, tight egg-crate pattern grille, and the two taillights were now connected into one massive piece of plastic.

Generally speaking, it was the best-looking of fourth-generation T-Birds. Only 6 are still known to exist today. It was also — at least potentially — the quickest. While the base V8 was now restricted by a two-barrel carburetor to hp, a hp version with a four-barrel was optional and a new cubic-inch V8 with a four-barrel carb making hp optional.

Your browser does not support HTML5 video. Blas Nicusor. Read full bio. Related Articles. What do you think? Car Finder:. Ford Thunderbird. Active filters:. According to it, Ernest Breech, a Thunderbird Country Club member who was then chairman of Ford Motor Company, was supposedly deeply involved in the creation of the Thunderbird. Breech, it is claimed, asked the Club's permission to use the name, which was granted.

The Ford Thunderbird was introduced in February as a response to Chevrolet 's new sports car, the Corvette, which was publicly unveiled in prototype form just a month before. It was a two-seat design available with a detachable glass-fiber hardtop and a folding fabric top.

It used mechanical components from mass-market Ford models. The Thunderbird's Though inspired by, and positioned directly against, the Corvette, Ford billed the Thunderbird as a "personal luxury car personal car", putting a greater emphasis on the car's comfort and convenience features rather than its inherent sportiness.

In fact, the Thunderbird outsold the Corvette by more than to-one for with 16, Thunderbirds sold against Corvettes, and 2, Studebaker Speedsters. The most notable change was moving the spare tire to a continental-style rear bumper to make more storage room in the trunk and a new volt electrical system. Among the few other changes were new paint colors, the addition of circular porthole windows as standard in the fiberglass roof to improve rearward visibility with a delete option , and a cu in 5.

When in "Drive", it was a two-speed automatic transmission similar to Chevrolet's Powerglide. The low gear could also be accessed with wide open throttle. In , Ford also added its new Lifeguard safety package. The Thunderbird was revised for with a reshaped front bumper, a larger grille and tailfins, and larger tail lamps.

The instrument panel was heavily restyled with round gauges in a single pod, and the rear of the car was lengthened, allowing the spare tire to be positioned back in the trunk. Though Ford was pleased to see sales of the Thunderbird rise to a record-breaking 21, units for , company executives felt the car could do even better, leading to a substantial redesign of the car for Although the —57 Thunderbird was a success, Ford executives—particularly Robert McNamara —were concerned that the car's position as a two-seater limited its sales potential.

As a result, the car was redesigned as a four-seater for The new Thunderbird began a sales momentum previously unseen with the car, selling , units in three years, four times the result of the two-seat model. This success spawned a new market segment, the personal luxury car. It was offered in both hardtop and convertible body styles, although the latter was not introduced until June , five months after the release of the hardtop.

The increased size also increased the car's weight by lb kg. Along with a new, more rigid unibody construction was new styling, including quad headlights, more prominent tailfins, a bolder chrome grille, and a larger, though nonfunctional, hood scoop. Powering the Thunderbird was a new, hp kW cu in 5.

In the model year in which the car was introduced, sales were 37, units, outselling the previous model year's 16, units. For , the car received a new grille and a newly optional, hp kW cu in 7. For , the Thunderbird was given another new grille and other minor styling changes along with a newly optional manually operated sunroof for hardtop models.

Dual-unit round taillights from to were changed to triple-units after the fashion of the Chevrolet Impala. Sales increased again with 92, sold for The Thunderbird was redesigned for with styling that gave the car a unique bullet-like body side appearance. A new engine, the cu in 6. It was rated at hp kW and was mated to a three-speed automatic transmission. The new Thunderbird was well received, with 73, sold for Kennedy 's inaugural parade, who appointed Ford executive Robert McNamara as secretary of defense.

A vinyl-roofed Landau option with simulated S-bars was added to the Thunderbird for as was a Sports Roadster package for convertible models. The Sports Roadster included spoke Kelsey-Hayes-designed wire wheels and a special fiberglass tonneau cover for the rear seats, which gave the car the appearance of a two-seat roadster like the original Thunderbird.

The Sports Roadster package was slow-selling due to the high price of the package and complexity of the tonneau cover, resulting in few Thunderbirds being equipped with it. The M-Code version of the cu in 6. M-Code V8 Thunderbirds are exceptionally rare, with only being sold between and Few other changes were made to the Thunderbird for , as Ford prepared to introduce a new version for A horizontal styling line was added that ran from the point where the bumper and fender meet back through the door and angled down.

Small diagonal chrome bars were added in this area on the door. Alternators rather than generators were a new feature on all Thunderbirds. For , the Thunderbird was restyled in favor of a more squared-off appearance, which was mostly evident when viewing the car from the side or rear.

Hinting at its roots in the previous generation of Thunderbird from which it evolved, the new model retained a similar grille design with quad headlights and a As before, the new Thunderbird continued to be offered in hardtop, convertible, and Landau versions.

The hp kW cu in 6. It was paired with a three-speed automatic transmission. For , sequential turn signals were added, flashing the individual segments of the broad, horizontal tail lights in sequences from inside to outside to indicate a turn. Also new for were standard front disc brakes , and doubled-sided keys. Though it was the last year of the generation, had a stylistic revision for the Thunderbird highlighted by a new egg crate-style grille with a large Thunderbird emblem at its center and a single-blade front bumper.

The rear bumper was restyled to include new full-width taillamps. Engine choices were also revised for The standard cu in 6. Newly optional and taking the top position for performance was a hp kW cu in 7. The Thunderbird's fifth generation brought the second major change in the car's design direction since its debut in However, the introduction of the Ford Mustang in early had created a challenge to the Thunderbird's market positioning for it.

The Mustang had an advantage in that it was substantially cheaper. To prevent overlap between the two cars, Ford's response was to move the Thunderbird upmarket. The result, introduced for , was a larger Thunderbird with luxury appointments more in line with a Lincoln.

The new Thunderbird abandoned unibody construction in favor of body-on-frame construction with sophisticated rubber mountings between the body and frame to reduce noise and vibration. Two significant departures from the previous generation of the Thunderbird were the elimination of a convertible model and the addition of a four-door model, which used suicide doors for rear-seat access.

The available four-door design remained a unique feature to this generation, as it was not carried on after One of the most noticeable design elements of the fifth-generation Thunderbird was the gaping, fighter jet-inspired grille opening that incorporated hidden headlights.

The Thunderbird continued with the same platform and many of the same parts and styling cues used in the to models, including the sequential turn signals incorporated into the full-width tail lamps. The most noticeable change was in the front fascia , where a large, prominent projection resembling a bird or eagle's beak was now used, in line with long, angular lines in the hood.

Semon "Bunkie" Knudsen , a former GM executive now president of Ford, is said to be responsible for this dramatic change. The T-bird was offered in coupe or sports-back models for these two years, the latter being a further distinction from the '67 to '69 models. In , Neiman Marcus offered "his and hers" Thunderbirds in its catalog, with telephones, tape recorders, and other features. The Thunderbird was mostly a carry-over from the model as Ford prepared to release a new, larger Thunderbird for It was also the last year to offer a four-door.

The sixth generation of the Thunderbird debuted in the fall of as a model. With a Matching the large size of the car were large engines, including a standard cu in 7. Though offering two of the largest displacement V8 engines ever installed in a production vehicle by Ford, the car's considerable weight combined with low power output caused by restrictive emissions technology resulted in modest performance. As might also be expected from installing a large-displacement V8 in a heavy car, fuel efficiency was poor.

The big Thunderbirds were popular, with sales peaking at over 87, units in in spite of the oil crisis , but sales had slumped to less than 43, by Finishing off the generation, sales had an uptick to almost 53, units for Acknowledging increasing fuel prices and more stringent federal emissions standards, a new, downsized Thunderbird was to appear for For the model year, the Thunderbird was shifted to the smaller inches 2, mm wheelbase chassis that underpinned the —76 Ford Torino and its replacement, the LTD II which also debuted for Even being nearly 8 inches shorter than the Thunderbird only 1.

It was not dramatically downsized, from In essence, this generation was a continuation of the — Ford Elite , Ford's first attempt at competing in the market created by the Pontiac Grand Prix and Chevrolet Monte Carlo. Compared to the previous-generation Thunderbird, the new car lost nearly 8 inches of overall length at The standard engine outside California was the cu in 4.

In California, the was the standard engine, and the was optionally available. For the first time, a wide, fixed "B" pillar was used, reflecting Detroit's abandonment of pillarless hardtops in the mid- and late s. However, the door window glass remained frameless. In , Ford offered the "Diamond Jubilee Edition" Thunderbird to commemorate the company's 75th year as an auto manufacturer. Naturally, it included every option available except for a moonroof and an engine block heater.

A similar option package, called "Heritage", was available for Though this generation was the most successful in sales with over , examples produced in its three-year run, [2] Ford sought to downsize the Thunderbird further, due to fuel-efficiency and emissions concerns, leading to a redesign for For the model year, the cu in engine was no longer available.

Reflecting a further industry-wide adoption of smaller vehicle designs in the interest of improved fuel efficiency and emissions compliance, the Thunderbird was redesigned for on the compact Ford Fox platform , which first appeared only two years prior as the basis for the Ford Fairmont. Compared to the previous Torino-based Thunderbird and its large inches 2, mm wheelbase and The squarish styling seen in the previous generation of the Thunderbird was favored for the new model, but now using a smaller car platform.

Frameless door glass was no longer used; a chrome metal frame was used, instead, making the car look more like a two-door sedan. Combined with the poor-performing 4. The available cu in 4. Significantly, though failing to generate any new interest for the Thunderbird, a six-cylinder engine was made available for the first time in the Thunderbird's history in , the cu in 3. For , this was followed up with the replacement of the straight-six engine with a more modern V6, the 3.

It came equipped with a Motorcraft 2V carburetor. Hurting the Thunderbird's sales performance further, the V8 did not return for , leaving the cu in V8 as the only alternative engine. At , units produced between and , the eighth generation of the Thunderbird was barely more successful than the final model year of the previous Thunderbird generation. In response to the lackluster reception of the eighth-generation — Thunderbird, Ford executed a significant redesign for Though based on the Fox body as the previous Thunderbird, the new Thunderbird featured a radically sleeker, more aerodynamic body and a slightly shorter wheelbase of To power the new Thunderbird, the 3.

All-new, and a Thunderbird first, was a turbocharged 2. The engine initially was rated at hp kW , but by , power was increased to hp kW. Another first was the availability of a five-speed manual transmission with the turbocharged four. In , the higher trim model was the Heritage; this was renamed the Elan in Also, a Fila-branded model was introduced. In , a special 30th Anniversary edition was available, with special Medium Regatta Blue Metallic paint, special graphics, and trim.

For , the Thunderbird received a significant refresh complete with new sheet metal and a revised front fascia with aerodynamic composite headlamps. Mechanically, the car was mostly unchanged. The V6 models carried over port fuel injection from , while the Turbo Coupe's turbocharged four-cylinder engine gained an intercooler, increasing output to hp kW and lb of torque. On December 26, , a completely redesigned Thunderbird was introduced as a model along with the similar Mercury Cougar.

The Thunderbird was the first in the car's history not to offer a V8 engine, instead offering two different versions of Ford's 3. Standard versions of the Thunderbird received a naturally aspirated version of the V6 producing hp kW , while the "Super Coupe" model received a supercharged and intercooled version of the engine rated at hp kW.

The naturally aspirated V6 came with an AOD four-speed automatic transmission as standard equipment. The Super Coupe's engine had the same 3. Among the modifications, the engine block and heads were modified to enhance coolant flow, the crankshaft was upgraded to a fully counterweighted forged unit, the billet roller cam had a unique profile, and the pistons were made of a stronger hypereutectic alloy. The supercharger used was an Eaton M90 Roots style , designed for mounting atop the intake manifold.

Boost pressure during hard acceleration under ideal conditions is approximately 12 psi 0. In for the model year, a V8 was offered in the Thunderbird once again, slotting in between the standard and supercharged versions of the 3. The V8 5. For , the one-year-only Thunderbird Sport model featured the 5. In , the model year Thunderbird received a substantial refresh, including stylistic changes inside and out and mechanical enhancements.

In particular, the Windsor 5. The performance increase is largely attributed to the tighter gap tolerance of the supercharger rotors allowed by the use of resin coating and a new high-flow supercharger case. Simultaneously, the AOD automatic transmission was replaced by the also-new electronically controlled 4R70W four-speed automatic in all instances where the AOD was previously used in the Thunderbird.

In , Ford did little to commemorate the Thunderbird's 40th anniversary. The Super Coupe model was discontinued. The last model of the tenth-generation Thunderbird rolled off the assembly line in Lorain, Ohio , on September 4, Prior to the ending of the production line, Ford's Special Vehicle Engineering Division proposed a high-performance version of the tenth-generation Thunderbird.

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