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Enterprise Edition HELP DESK + ITIL + ASSET + PROJECT Management. Starts at $(For 2 technicians and nodes). ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus is a Help Desk software. check_circle StartUps; check_circle SMEs; cancel Agencies; check_circle Enterprises. ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus Provide real-time IT support to your end users by arming your IT team with the all-new TeamViewer integration for #. FILEZILLA SAYS TRANSFERRING BUT NO GREEN BAR

Microsoft BitLocker Drive Encryption. MBAM Deployment. Bitlocker Enterprise. BitLocker Enterprise Management. BitLocker Enterprise Deployment. Secure Analytics. Business Productivity. Desktop Hardware. IP Telephony. Skype for Business.

JSA Virtual Appliance. SSG Content Security. Office Products. Power BI. Office Office suites. Operating Systems. Windows Windows MultiPoint Server. Windows Server. Windows Enterprise. The Get Genuine Kit. Developer Tools. MSDN Platforms. Visual Studio. Advanced Threat Analytics. System Center. Core CAL. Core Infrastructure Server Suite. SQL Server. Rights Management Services. Remote Desktop Services. Windows Intune. Identity Manager. Enterprise Mobility Suite.

Exchange Server. Business Solutions. Dynamics CRM. Manage Engine. Active Directory. FileAudit Plus. ADManager Plus. ADAudit Plus. ADSelfService Plus. Exchange Reporter Plus. RecoveryManager Plus. SharePoint Manager Plus. Application Performance. Applications Manager.

Desktop Central. Mobile Device Manager Plus. OS Deployer. Help Desk. ServiceDesk Plus. ServiceDesk Plus — Multi Language. SupportCenter Plus. Social IT Plus. IT Security. EventLog Analyzer. Firewall Analyzer. Network Defender Plus. Password Manager Pro.

Desktop Central MSP. NetFlow Analyzer. Network Configuration Manager. TopoMapper Plus. CI Manager Plus. RackBuilder Plus. VM Manager Plus. To import users from the Organization Directory to a service desk instance,. On the authorization popup, click Allow. You will be directed to the Microsoft authorization page. Sign in to your Microsoft account. On successful completion of the authorization process, the Import from Azure page will open.

Choose users you want to import and click Import Now. ESM Portal is a place where end users can find all service desk instances available to them. Whenever an Org Admin adds a new service desk instance it will be displayed in this portal. Technicians with Org Admin privilege can customize the portal.

Shown below is a default look of an ESM Portal with 3 service desk instances. The portal's layout and theme can be customized. External links to an organization's resource page or an intranet page can be added into the portal as well. Shown below is a customization of an ESM Portal with 3 service desk instances, quick links to JIRA and slack, and other external links for ease of access.

So that every time you log in, you will be instantly taken to this Service Desk instance. Once users access the URL for the ESM Portal, they can view the service desk instances available to them and the instances that are publicly available arranged in cards. Users can search content across service desks. For e. An user can search for templates to create a request.

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Construct workflows for business processes such as user onboarding, travel requests, and multi-department NOCs. Off-load low-level tickets to our conversational virtual support agent, Zia. She can analyze the context and provide recommendations, answer FAQs, update records, and interact with third-party apps to speed up the service response process. Enjoy unrestricted customization and automation with the built-in, low-code IDE to execute a variety of custom actions throughout the entire life cycle of service delivery.

Establish ServiceDesk Plus as the hub for the functional areas of IT, and handle high maturity operations such as experience management, performance analysis, event management, and delivery automation from your service desk. ServiceDesk Plus offers on-premises, public cloud, and SaaS deployment options. ServiceDesk Plus serves as the function-to-function replacement of ServiceNow for a global cosmetics manufacturer. ServiceDesk Plus Cloud offers flexible data storage plans where you can get a dedicated database or server cluster for your service desk.

The full-stack service management platform for the digital enterprise Deliver remarkable employee experiences with the complete tool kit to streamline service operations. With best practices to bespoke capabilities, deliver the desired experience for users, IT, and the entire organization.

Modernize service management for IT and beyond. Optimize IT-business processes with visual workflows. Manage your IT infrastructure better, and deliver IT services to your students, faculty, and alumni with smart automations and powerful workflows. Support your employees and citizens by delivering a robust IT service experience while operating within budget constraints.

Digitize and automate ITSM workflows in your retail business to deliver an enhanced customer experience. Focus on supporting healthcare professionals and patients by automating your IT help desk and ensuring critical systems are available around the clock.

Establish a high standard of service delivery for employees so they can provide exemplary services to guests. Establish robust, enterprise-class ITSM practices with the scalable, full-stack service management platform. Boost your IT productivity with an industry-ready IT service desk and make a big positive impact on the world. Build customized ITSM workflows at scale to manage your IT infrastructure, achieve regulatory compliance, and deliver consistent services to your employees.

Gain insights on your service management processes by mining service desk data with the built-in reporting module. Generate custom, query, and preconfigured reports and track key metrics to stay on top of your IT asset management. Perform deep dive analyses on your IT service desk data and generate visually-rich reports and dashboards on a drag-and-drop canvas.

All rights reserved. Features All essentials for your IT help desk. ServiceDesk Plus IT help desk software key features. Incident management Reduce outages, improve agent productivity, meet SLAs, and manage the complete life cycle of IT tickets. Read more. Asset management Optimize asset utilization, avoid vulnerabilities, and ensure license compliance. Project management Create projects, manage resources, track progress, and integrate projects with requests and changes to fine-tune your overall IT service delivery.

Problem management Analyze root causes, reduce repeat incidents, and boost your IT help desk's productivity. CMDB Visually build relationships between CIs and analyze the business impact of any outages or change implementations. Service catalog Showcase your available services to end users, with custom SLAs and multi-stage approvals. Change management Streamline planning, approval, and implementation with automated workflows. IT release management New Make your releases work in tandem with your change management process.

Self-service Increase service desk adoption rates Make your service desk easily accessible by being where your end users are. Try ServiceDesk Plus now. Self-service portal Facilitate easy request creation, and keep end users informed on ticket progress and approvals. Live chat Allow real-time collaboration and interaction between technicians and end users through the in-product live chat. Knowledge base Allow end users to solve repeat incidents with known solutions, helping deflect tickets from your service desk.

Customized domains Make your self-service portal easily accessible to your end users by publishing it in a custom URL within your organization's domain. Zoho Cliq Leverage Zoho Cliq, a team communication tool from Zoho, as an effective support channel for your service desk. Active Directory user self-service Enable password resets, Active Directory account unlocks, and updates from an end-user service desk portal.

Help desk mobile apps Get support any time and anywhere, right from your mobile devices. Automation Boost your service desk team's productivity Relieve your service desk team from repetitive service desk chores by setting up efficient automations. Business rules Simplify your incident workflows by performing criteria-based actions on incoming requests. Tech auto-assign Automatically assign tickets based on technician availability with round robin or load-balancing methods.

Smart notifications Alert IT technicians and end users at every step of the ticket journey with custom email and SMS notifications. SLAs and escalations Ensure timely service delivery and incident resolutions with custom SLAs and proactively enable multi-level escalations. Preventive maintenance tasks Automatically create requests with all request parameters defined at scheduled frequencies for regular maintenance activities.

Email to ticket Convert email requests and incidents to tickets automatically and enjoy automated ticket routing to the right technicians. Request life cycle New Visually design the complete life cycle of a ticket with various statuses and transitions using a simple drag-and-drop canvas. Visual change workflows Design change workflows on a drag-and-drop canvas with multiple stages and statuses, and actions like notifications, field updates, and approvals.

Data archiving Preserve your data while de-cluttering your IT help desk by scheduling automatic data archiving in periodic intervals. Problem life cycle New Design life cycles for your problem management using a drag-and-drop canvas to optimize your IT problem-solving.

Kanban view New Visualize your ticket queue and manage them with interactive, graphical columns. Customizations Build a service desk that your business demands Tailor fit your service desk attributes and processes to meet your business objectives.

Fine-grained authorizations Provide users with appropriate view and access permissions to requests, problems, changes, contracts, assets, solutions, and reports. Multi-site support Manage multiple sites with custom workflows and configurations for each site, all from a central service desk console. Service desk scheduler Allow your technicians to manage their requests, tasks, time off, and reminders from a central service desk calendar.

Custom request templates Build and publish dynamic request templates with associated workflows, tasks, and approvals. Custom actions Define and invoke actions including tasks, webhooks, notifications, and custom actions across the request life cycle.

Unrestricted programmability Build additional service desk functions with Deluge, a low-code programming language, and easily integrate with your business applications through webhooks. IT asset discovery Discover and import all your asset information into your service desk with multiple scanning techniques.

IT asset tracking Schedule periodic scans to get updates on your network and to track hardware or software changes on individual work stations. Software asset management Manage all aspects of your software assets including purchasing, deployment, maintenance, utilization, and disposal.

Software license management Identify and eliminate unused licenses, plan future software purchases, and ensure software compliance. Asset loan Manage and track temporarily-loaned assets to users during the loan period. Purchase and contracts management Automate your supplier interactions, including purchases and maintenance contracts, with full traceability and visibility.

Inventory catalog Build your IT product catalog and categorize products based on types and subtypes. Unified agent for asset discovery New Discover and track your IT asset landscape with the unified asset discovery agent, which offers enhanced IT asset management ITAM capabilities in addition to asset discovery.

Asset Replenishment New Trigger automated notifications when asset inventory is low. Never run out of stock again. Consumables handling New Maintain your consumables inventory with a centralized view that allows you to add, view, and track them all from one place. Endpoint management Perform desktop and mobile device management activities right from your ServiceDesk Plus console with the Desktop Central integration.

Applications monitoring Keep your IT technicians informed about app and server anomalies with the Applications Manager integration. Active Directory user self-service Empower users to securely perform password resets or unlock their accounts with the ADSelfService Plus integration. Privileged access management Ensure maximum compliance with strict authentication processes for remote sessions from your service desk with the Password Manager Pro integration. Advanced analytics Create insightful reports and dashboards from your IT help desk data, without writing a single line of code, using this simple drag-and-drop user interface.

Network monitoring management Automatically convert network alerts in OpManager Plus to service desk tickets and notify technicians about any network outage or alarms. Cloud-based performance monitoring New Track the health of your cloud infrastructure and resources by proactively monitoring issues with your servers using Site24x7.

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