em client airsync missing events

When i delete a multiple appointment all appointments are deleted as well. AirSync is slowly being discontinued by Microsoft. Version 7 also solves the issue for some users, as it no longer sets up the full account as AirSync, but combines IMAP mail with AirSync. It seems to me that it would make sense to remove AirSync as the And some mails or/and calendar events haven't been synchro nized ok. PUTTY EXE NOT FOUND IN WINSCP PORTABLE

If I do your better option of re-adding my account, will it lose my local data? Will the account re-load lose these or put these at risk? You can export your Emails to. But they were still missing. If you enable it, they will come. Of course if there is an error with AirSync, then that is something that will need to be resolved as well. No apology needed! But my apologies for not replying earlier. Your idea did work, though. Of course, now the daily error message is back.

Any other ideas? Thanks again. What is that AirSync box for? At the moment I have set up 1 x Hotmail account and 1 x Outlook. Neither have airsync enabled. Are you saying it will be necessary to delete those account and set them up using these details you posted yesterday?

Many thanks that is now very clear. I will wait until the syncing with WLM stops working then try the way you suggest. Btw, you do not have to actually delete the account in order to setup as an Exchange account. If it does, then delete your old setup. Also, if you had any calendar events setup in a Hotmail or Outlook account in eM Client , you can drag and drop the events from those calendars within eM Client to the Local Folders calendar that it provides under Calendar.

Just something I recently learned to do to keep my events without having to deal with several email calendars. Now I just have one, the Local Folder calendar. I am using Version 7 Beta 2. One of them said server reported sync error Any solutions? Clive PS Sorry if this has appeared multiple times. Hi, There are two solutions, both of which needed because Microsoft is phasing out AirSync support. Thanks for your help, David Adler! Thank you John for clarifying the info.

I will save this one for any further inquiries. I assume the same thing applies to V6. Hi, As a local computer repair company I am starting to see a number of enquiries from customers about issues with Hotmail accounts, msn accounts etc. Can someone sanity check this for me and help me fill in the gaps and correct the errors? If you are not migrated by microsoft yet to the new system then em client v6 is fine to use still with Airsync alone. That is the protocol that ceases working when accounts are moved over to Exchange Active Sync.

Hi John, thanks for the info. John A. Thanks for the clarification. May I just clarify one further thing please. I have now bought a licence so do have Pro-support if needed.

Em client airsync missing events manageengine kb4022722 em client airsync missing events

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