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I had two versions of Google Chrome installed on my system, and Spotlight was defaulting to opening the crappy Citrix-infected one. With the increasing popularity of Google Chrome browser and the capabilities it can bring with the usage of its Extensions I thought why not. Citrix Workspace app for Chrome OS. CEIP data to Citrix and Google Analytics: From this release, end users can: Decide whether to send the usage data. COMODO HACKERPROOF TRUST MARK

With the increasing popularity of Google Chrome browser and the capabilities it can bring with the usage of its Extensions I thought why not stream Chrome to the end-user devices using the Citrix Profiler 6. The most important thing to note here is the normal Chrome setup is available in the online mode. Now the challenge is using the online mode you cannot create the profile for Chrome. The purpose of writing this blog is the older process in which flipping the registries and lengthy process was involved can all be avoided now.

Google Chrome recently introduced a special enterprise MSI package in which there are no hassles of tweaking the registry. Simply double click on the installer and you can profile the application. I am going to attach a step by step guide at the end of this blog. However, I am highlighting some important screens here. All things End-user Computing and Cloud Tech! Streaming Google Chrome using Citrix Profiler 6. Viewed 21 times. Improve this question.

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Current Release. What's new. Fixed issues. Known issues. System requirements. Quick start guide. How Profile Management works. About profiles. Assign profiles. Profile Management architecture. Profile Management use cases. Access multiple resources. Logon diagram. Logoff diagram. Plan your deployment.

Decide on a configuration. Migrate profiles? New profiles? Which applications? Review, test, and activate Profile Management. Plan for multiple platforms. Share Citrix user profiles on multiple file servers. Administer profiles within and across OUs. Domain and forest support in Profile Management. High availability and disaster recovery with Profile Management. Scenario 1 - Basic setup of geographically adjacent user stores and failover clusters. Scenario 2 - Multiple folder targets and replication.

Scenario 3 - Disaster recovery. Scenario 4 - The traveling user. Scenario 5 - Load-balancing user stores. Plan folder redirection with Profile Management. Third-party directory, authentication, and file services. FAQs about profiles on multiple platforms and Profile Management migration. Install and set up. Files included in the download. Create the user store. Upgrade and migrate. Upgrade Profile Management. Migrate user profiles. Resolve conflicting profiles. Specify a template or mandatory profile.

Choose a migration policy. Enable Profile Management. Configuration precedence. About the Profile Management. Include and exclude items. Default inclusions and exclusions. Use wildcards. Enable logon exclusion check. Define which groups' profiles are processed. Specify the path to the user store. Replicate user stores. Enable credential-based access to user stores. Migrate user store.

Automatic migration of existing application profiles. Store certificates. Stream user profiles. Configure folder redirection. Manage transactional folders. Manage Internet Explorer cookie folders. Configure offline profiles. Configure active write back. Configure cross-platform settings. Operating systems and applications supported by cross-platform settings. We also advise that in such a case the Citrix Profile Management logon component takes much longer than 7 to 8 seconds, customer should consider implementing the Citrix Profile Management Policy called "Profile Streaming" An alternative solution is to add only the bookmarks path in "File to Synchronize".

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Installing and Using the Citrix Workspace in Chrome (2018)

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