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If no rcfiles and no -p have been specified on the command line, procmail will, prior to reading $HOME/.procmailrc, interpret commands from /etc. I upgraded the operating system on my iphone, and now can't get mail through my apple mail app either on my phone or on my mac. I have to go. Apr 16, - Quick and easy way to convert Thunderbird Mail to Outlook (both Mac & Windows). Get Mail Extractor Pro to convert Thunderbird, Postbox. HOW TO BACKUP WORDPRESS SITE WITH FILEZILLA

Server Fault is a question and answer site for system and network administrators. It only takes a minute to sign up. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. I'm trying to configure fetchmail and procmail with a Google account. I get the following errors from procmail when running fetchmail -a -v for every message that gets downloaded:. EDIT: See the output of procmail -v. If no rcfile is found, or processing of the rcfile falls off the end, procmail will store the mail in the default system mailbox.

The error message you see is basically harmless, but it's Procmail telling you that it cannot create the default inbox with your current permissions -- you need to be root to create an empty mailbox. The log file snippet from Procmail you posted shows that Procmail is actually executing your. The error message apparently happens while it's starting up, before it starts executing your. Sign up to join this community.

The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Stack Overflow for Teams — Collaborate and share knowledge with a private group. Create a free Team What is Teams? Learn more. Asked 5 years, 3 months ago. Modified 5 years, 3 months ago. Viewed times. Why is this the case?

The man page also says: If no rcfile is found, or processing of the rcfile falls off the end, procmail will store the mail in the default system mailbox. What does "falls off the end" means? Improve this question. It looks like it isn't picking up your. My guess is it isn't. Thanks for this.

You are right — I switched off Avast and all of the text in many e-mails arrived immediately. I had contacted Apple and the adviser suggested that I turn off the anti-virus package too, but he did not mention that this was a known problem, which he ought to have done. I do not have antivirus software on my MacBook Pro, so I cannot remove it. It seems the only way will be to remove it. Is it just me or what?

Does anyone know if Apple are going to release an update for us or am I better reverting back to Big Sur? Have you tried to sign out of your iCloud account and sign back in on your Mac? Same and very frustrating!! I rebuild Mailboxes and Search works for an hour or five ,then stops working again.

Anyone have a fix for this?? Thank you. Now we will clear the Mail. Here is how: found that after done ,Mail started importing all messages as if Mail had just been dowloaded anew. Click and open the Mail folder. Open the V8 folder depending on your version, it can be V7, if Catalina, etc. If it is Big Sur, it is V8, the next version will be V9, etc. Click and open the MailData folder. Find Envelope Index files and drag them to the Trash.

And empty the Trash. Restart your Mac. Open Mail and test your issue with searching Mail. This does not FIX the issue on Monterey. The solution works for most of day then stops working again. The number of times that I have deleted envelope files is ridiculous.

This is mission-critical stuff that Apple had better fix at next point release. I am an IT guy and know my way around macOS, leaving me shaking my head — this issue was also present in Big Sur, though not on my machines. I am having this problem on a brand new M1 Macbook Pro and I do not have any antivirus software and the emails are being sent to a gmail account that I have loaded into Mac Mail and so mine is not an icloud problem.

Thanks for the feedback Chris. Since upgrading Mac software to Montrey Machine hangs. I have sent report to Apple many times, but no solution so far. Gamil is working fine on safari. Also it is working finr on my android phone. Needs look by apple and release upgrade. Your email address will not be published.

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