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Citrix offers VDI solutions via Citrix XenDesktop, now known as Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop, whereas VMware offers VDI solutions via its. Horizon was for internal). I found that Citrix performed better and had more configuration settings for performance and presentation features. Citrix provides Machine Creation Services (MCS), while VMware provides Linked Clone, both of which allow creation of virtual desktops from base. CISCO 3600 SOFTWARE UPGRADE

I think better value is the key thing you need to figure out when looking for a solution. The important thing is that it has to be a better value for your unique environment. Citrix XenDesktop Platinum licensing is usually more expensive but also includes many features not available from VMware, or available at additional cost, or from third-party vendors. It is up to you to decide which features are applicable and which are not to your environment, and then find out whether they are included with a particular product license.

Only then you can get a better vision of what the best value might be in your case. In some cases. This section of the post will be shorter. To summarize:. Citrix offers the most comprehensive app virtualization solution because it is a trusted virtualization vendor for many years.

Sounds familiar, right? VMware was missing this critical component for a long time. I have to admit that Citrix XenApp is a much more feature-rich, flexible and advanced product than Microsoft Remote Desktop Services integrated with Horizon, but is it applicable in your particular case? User experience unmatched in the industry. Simple, fast and efficient management at scale.

Sounds exactly like Management Simplicity to me. Just a couple of quotes from Citrix whitepaper:. There are some management and operational efficiencies, but once again, it is up to you to decide whether these are applicable in your environment. This may be important in some cases.

Once again, it may or may not be important for you. Every solution is different, and there is no recipe that works for everyone. Deep environment analysis is a key: clearly define your objectives; identify use-cases; take into consideration your current investments, existing infrastructure, future plans and staff knowledge; and only then pick the technology that fits your unique environment and budget best.

Subscribe to our mailing list and get interesting updates and tips. We respect your privacy and take protecting it seriously. It's important to note that Linked Clones are dependent on an additional software component known as view composer. View composer must be installed on a separate server from your View Connection servers, and serves as an intermediary between the View Connection server and the hypervisor. Its job is to ensure resource availability by controlling when resources are created, destroyed, and recomposed a fancy term for being freshly wiped and rebuilt.

The internal web front-end is also handled by the View Connection server. The Windows-based security server is the legacy solution that requires a one-to-one pairing to each View Connect server. The alternative is a Linux-based virtual appliance known as the UAG. The UAG can be set up to connect to multiple View Connect servers, eliminating the need for the one-to-one mapping.

As with VMware's vCenter, the market trend is moving toward Linux-based appliances that can be more easily deployed. Expect new feature sets to be limited to the UAG, ultimately leaving the legacy security servers in the dust. Citrix clearly does a better job in catering to a more diverse pool of hosting solutions , however, do consider that this is a calculated tactic by VMware. VMware's target here is twofold; to gain market share with its sector-leading technology, ESXi, and ensure stability and consistency within the VDI experience.

For the most part a brokering service is a brokering service. The only caveats to this would be potential add-on alternatives or services that can be attached that would make a significant impact. For Citrix there is Citrix Director, which provides a single web-based administration page for both helpdesk- and administrator-level tasks. Think of this as a basic environment health status page combined with some helpful troubleshooting tools to diagnose and interact with user sessions. In addition to this load index evaluation can be figured via Citrix Policy, which gives Director Insight into a machines resource strain and potential overutilization.

As for add-ons, Horizon View doesn't come bundled with a comparable toolset. However, if you consider a combination of two alternative resources; internally developed Horizon Helpdesk Utility and vRealize for View; you'll have your solution. Each solution comes with two options in this arena, but in terms of making a decision we can disregard Citrix's MCS and VMware's Linked Clone solutions, as they are relatively identical in approach.

As with any decision of this sort, the answer will always come down to two simple words "it depends. In terms of speed-consistency-scalability, both of these solutions have been proven to handle the workloads thrown at it. The real consideration here still remains of whether you want to rely on your network or your storage.

While very similar I'd have to give the blue ribbon to Citrix as Storefront provides more granular control of just how you want your user experience to look and feel. To add to this, Citrix has an administration console dedicated to the configuration of Storefront, whereas, making changes to the View Connection interface follows a more primitive approach of locating and editing configuration files.

Not a big deal, but it'd be nice to see some advances here. This is a hard one. With Citrix you get more than just an external gateway, but the drawback is that those features may cost you in additional licensing, manpower, and training. On this note, NetScaler's learning curve is quite steep and doesn't exactly lend itself to non-network individuals.

So, beware. On the other hand, VMware's Security Server is pretty straight-forward for even newcomers. Similarly, the UAGs are even easier to deploy with a few clicks to import the appliance and answering a few Hogwarts-level wizard questions. It's one of those double-edged swords: do you require complexity or simplicity? Choosing between these two solutions always comes down to what's most important to your business. Citrix was the first-to-market in the application virtualization space and for many is considered the tried-and-true application virtualization solution.

With this, comes years of development which has afforded Citrix with a plethora of configuration options that will most certainly meet whatever need you come across. When they decided to take on desktop virtualization, those years of experience transitioned well as Citrix Virtual Desktops are a robust solution that can certainly meet any need you throw at it. On the other hand, VMware wouldn't have jumped in the market if they didn't clearly see a gap that Citrix wasn't filling.

VMware recognized that the complexity introduced by all those options could prove to be a limiting factor for those that just wanted to do VDI, quickly and simply. With Horizon View there is very little maintenance or toying with in-depth configuration options that would otherwise have you scratching your head between the impact of selecting lossless or lossy graphics. In my mind, I can't help but think this is a conscious decision by VMware to reduce the complexity of VDI and one of the leading reasons for their growing market share in this space.

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