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What is Citrix Receiver?. What is Citrix Access Gateway?. 1) Explain what is Citrix? · 2) List out the Major Citrix components? · 3) List out the services provided by Citrix? · 4) Explain what is Data. DIAG SNIFFER PACKET ANY FORTINET

Answer : Datastore — Is the database which contain the static information related Xenapp farm which includes — published applications, users, printers, and servers, citrix GPO. Datacollector — maintains dynamic information about the servers in the zone, such as server loads, session status, published applications, users connected, and license usage.

Data collectors receive incremental data updates and queries from servers within the zone. Data collectors relay information to all other data collectors in the farm. By default, the data collector is configured on the first server when you create the farm, and all other servers configured with the controller server mode have equal rights to become the data collector if the data collector fails.

Farms determine the data collector based on the election preferences set for a server. Applications are typically not published on the data collector. What Is Xml Broker? Answer : It functions as an intermediary between the farm and Web Interface. XML Broker retrieves the applications which have user permissions to access.

Once the user is authenticated, the XML broker locates the server in the farm. What Is Citrix Xenapp Farm? Answer : XenApp server farm is a logical collection or group of XenApp servers that can be managed as a single entity and they talk to single datastore server.

Answer : A zone is a grouping of XenApp servers that communicate with a common data collector. In large farms with multiple zones, each zone has a server designated as its data collector. Data collectors in farms with more than one zone function as communication gateways with the other zone data collectors. The data collector maintains all load and session information for the servers in its zone.

All farms have at least one zone, even small ones. The fewest number of zones should be implemented, with one being optimal. Multiple zones are necessary only in large farms that span WANs. What Is Application Enumeration Process? Answer : The application listing and displaying process is as follows:.

What If Datastore Goes Down? Run a dsmaint migrate to migrate the settings to a new data store. Even if a Data store is unavailable the LHC contains enough information about the farm to allow normal operations for an indefinite period of time. However, no new information can be published, or added to the farm, until the farm data store is online. If you need to start from scratch with a new data store, prepare a new data store the way you did before configuring XenApp and run the Server Configuration Tool from any farm server.

After running the Server Configuration Tool, manually reenter the lost settings. If you use the same name as he previous data store, you do not need to reconfigure the farm servers. Answer : The Citrix servers can function without contacting the license server and it is days fault tolerant, and in Enterprise version an alert can be set with Resource Manager to send an email in case of License Server Connection Failure.

If the license server reconnects at any time in the thirty days the problem resolves itself. If the server is not going to come back up, then the license file, digitally signed with the case-sensitive hostname of the old license server, is the critical component. Answer : Data collector server goes down.

The servers in the zone recognize that the data collector has gone down and start the election process. In this example the back up data collector is elected as the new data collector for the zone. The member servers in the zone then send all of their information to the new data collector for the zone.

This is a function of the number each server has of sessions, disconnected session, and applications. In turn, the new data collector replicates this information to all other data collectors in the farm. Even if a Data collector is unavailable the servers will continue to function. The users that are already logged in will not be affected. Answer : Incase ZDC is not be available, another server in the zone can take over that role.

The process of taking the role is called ZDC election. Server Administrators should choose the Zone Data Collector strategy carefully during the farm design itself. When an election needs to occur in a zone, the winner of the election is determined by.

When the existing data collector for Zone failed unexpectedly or the communication between a member server and the Zone Data Collector for its zone failed or the communication between data collectors failed, then the election process begins in the Zone. If the server is shutdown properly, it triggers the election process before it goes down.

The servers in the zone recognize the data collector has gone down and starts the election process. In turn the new data collector replicates this information to all other data collectors in the farm. Note: The data collector election process is not dependent on the data store. If the data collector goes down, sessions connected to other servers in the farm are unaffected. The data collector election process is triggered automatically without administrative interference.

Existing as well as incoming users are not affected by the election process, as a new data collector is elected almost instantaneously. Each server in the zone has a rank assigned to it. The administrator can configure such that the servers in a zone can be ranked to make the server as the most desired to serve as the zone master or ZDC.

The ties between servers with the same administrative ranking are broken by using the HOST IDs assigned to the servers. When it finds, it queries it to find out which server is acting as the data collector. We can control which server will act as data collector by keeping that server the most up-to-date.

Whichever server has the most recent version of the IMA Service running. This may include hotfixes and the server with the highest preference set in the data store. Basically data collectors and data store are not really related. The data store holds permanent farm configuration information in a database, and the data collector tracks dynamic session information in its RAM.

In addition to their primary role to provide dynamic farm information for admin consoles or for incoming connection requests, data collectors also take part in the distribution of configuration changes to Presentation Servers in the farm. When we make a changes in a presentation server that change is written to the local host cache of whichever server we connected to, and then immediately replicated to the data store. Presentation Server only looks for changes in the central data store every 30 minutes.

Whenever a change is made to the data store, that change is sent to the data collector for the zone. The data collector then distributes that change via IMA port to all of the servers in its zone, allowing each server to update its own local host cache accordingly. Furthermore, if we have more than one zone, the initial data collector contacts the data collectors in the other zones.

It sends its change to them, and in turn those data collectors forward the change to all of the servers in their zones. The data collector election priority settings in the management console. We can totally control which server is our data collector by manually setting the preferences in the Java console. The important thing to remember is that these preferences will beignored if a newer server is up for election. Answer : New user will not be able to access the application hosted in citrix and it will not affect the existing connected user.

Answer : We can specify the back xml service on the webinterface management console. Answer : A local cache of the data store, which allows a server to function in the absence of data store. What Is Session Reliability? Answer : This setting allows or prevents sessions to remain open during a loss of network connectivity. By default, session reliability is allowed. Session Reliability keeps sessions active when network connectivity is interrupted.

Users continue to see the application they are using until network connectivity resumes. When connectivity is momentarily lost, the session remains active on the server. The user continues to access the display during the interruption and can resume interacting with the application when the network connection is restored.

Session Reliability reconnects users without reauthentication prompts. By default, the interval between keep-alive messages is 60 seconds. Specify an interval between seconds in which to send ICA keep-alive messages. Do not configure this setting if your network monitoring software is responsible for closing inactive connections. This setting enables or disables sending ICA keep-alive messages periodically.

By default, keep-alive messages are not sent. Enabling this setting prevents broken connections from being disconnected. If XenApp detects no activity, this setting prevents Remote Desktop Services from disconnecting the session. XenApp sends keep-alive messages every few seconds to detect if the session is active.

If the session is no longer active, XenApp marks the session as disconnected. New Featires In 6. Answer : Clipboard policy, drive mapping policy, printer policy, universal printer policy, Universal profile management 4. This feature eliminates the need to install numerous network printer drivers on XenApp and XenDesktop hosts, and enables more efficient network utilization. The new Citrix Universal printer driver supports direct network printing on Windows and non-Windows clients.

After you install the Universal Print Server components and configure the new policy settings, a user can add and enumerate network printers through the Windows Provider and Citrix Provider interfaces. Answer : The following could be some reasons, in addition to others, for the. If the Service Control Manager reports that the IMA Service could not be started, but the service eventually starts, ignore the error message.

The Service Control Manager has a timeout of six minutes. The IMA Service can take longer than six minutes to start if the load on the database exceeds the capabilities of the database hardware or if the network has high-latency. If there is no value specified in the CurrentlyLoadingPlugin portion of the preceding Windows Registry entry, then either the IMA Service could not connect to the data store or the local host cache is missing or corrupt.

To gain further insight into the situation, change the IMA Service startup account to the local administrator and restart the server. Restart the server to restart the IMA Service. This error shows that the IMA Service is not starting, possibly because the print spooler service is not running or was configured incorrectly.

In addition, the following error messages appear in the Event Viewer:. To resolve this issue, verify that the print spooler service was started in the context of system rather than in the context of a user. A print spooler service that is not running or has been configured incorrectly might cause the printing subsystem to fail to load.

To resolve the situation, stop and start the print spooler service, ensure that it is configured to run under the Local System Account. Verify the size of the roaming profile, especially if it is crossing a WAN. Also watch for error messages related to not being able to load the profile. Test with a local user profile or one that is smaller in size.

Another symptom of ImaLicSs. The IMA Service failed to start because of license group corruption in the data store. What Is Proximity Printing? Granted, one would hope that maybe every floor has its own scope or some kind of an identifier that would make it unique so that you can map a printer accordingly.

Assuming that is the case, you can configure Citrix print policies to map network printers for users based on the IP address of their device. Now there is another method which you should be aware, called Workspace Control. This feature is useful when users disconnect from their existing session, move to a different location and a different device and connect back to that same session.

Typically, without Workspace Control, if they resume the same session the printers will not change. With Workspace Control, when they connect again, it automatically detects that they are connecting from a different location and a different device and maps their printers. Cool, no.

Answer : to create the configuration log in DB for citrix we need a seprate database and once the DB is created right on the farm and then go to properties and follow th wizard. Answer : We cannot upgrade to xenapp 6. Steps: 1. Create a new farm with the xenapp 6. What Is Workspace Control? Answer : Use workspace control to allow users to disconnect quickly from all resources applications, content, and desktops , reconnect to disconnected resources, and log off from all resources.

This allows users to move between devices and gain access to all of their resources disconnected only or disconnected and active either when they log on or manually at any time. For example, clinicians in hospitals may need to move between workstations and access the same set of resources each time they log on. Answer : To remove dead server from the Citrix Management Console you have to run. Answer : In Citrix, shadowing resembles for one user to join remotely to another user.

One user can use the session of another user remotely. What Is Datastore In Citrix. Answer : Datastore is the citrix database which stores all the static information about the farm. Answer : Desktop virtualization provides optimizations techniques to deliver the applications, data and desktop environment to the users. It further provides the security by managing all the applications and desktop systems at one place.

It manages and updates different static desktop images from one place and allows the customization of applications to provide high performance, security and portability to each user. Answer : Citrix xend virtualization provides a single solution for desktop virtualization that gives on demand services for desktop and other applications. It allows the user to securely deliver the resources through the web to PCs and to the client area with high end user experience. Answer : Citrix xen desktop provides high level of virtualization to help businesses build their tool and increase their output or productivity day by day.

The features that are provided are as follows:. Answer : Citrix has provided a platform that gives desktop virtualization and it delivers the desktop services and applications from anywhere to the users. It reduces the complexity and improves the security of the data.

It provides a centralized place to manage the datacenter. It delivers high end experience for the user and provides high latency in the network. It offers reduced time for execution of the application and flexibility in the delivering customized desktops to both virtual and physical devices.

Answer : The three phases provided by Citrix Xen is as follows:. Answer : Desktop virtualization provides the desktop operating system its environment and applications from the datacenter, whereas application virtualization only brings application from the datacenter. Desktop virtualization brings only the desktop features not the application related to it, whereas application keep the desktop separate and bring only those applications that are required at a particular time.

This way optimization and efficiency can be maintained. Answer : Citrix xen desktop virtualization comes in different flavors and they are as follows:. Answer : Virtual desktop interface is a form of desktop virtualization, whereas desktop virtualization is itself a different entity that is separated with others. VDI create a virtual machine and execute the user's desktop inside it, whereas desktop virtualization allows running the customized desktop without any virtual machines.

VDI works only for few users that have different demands but it is unsuitable to meet all the demands for all users, whereas desktop virtualization meet and provide all the required features to the user. Answer : Citrix xen provides high end functionalities to the user for desktop virtualization. It also provide the following features such as:. Answer : Citrix xen server provides server virtualization that enables one platform to host multiple operating system, whereas citrix xen desktop provides desktop virtualization that enables many operating systems to be shared in the datacenter.

Citrix xen server allow the utilization of the server to be maximum, whereas citrix desktop virtualization allows better performance and efficiency as it is controlled and managed from one place. Answer : Citrix Xen Desktop is a Desktop virtualization solution for business that need smart management of Desktops. Administrators need not manage applications individually on machines rather it can be done on the go with Citrix Xen Server, remotely. Citrix Xen Desktop enables the client machines to stream a live Desktop to the their machines through centralized Xen Server.

This process dynamically assembles desktops for each user. These images are maintained by administrators and according to the user tasks these images are deployed. What Is Single Instance Management? Answer : A Single Instance Management is referred as a task to apply updates and packages just once that is on the images that are maintained by the administrators at Xen Server. This means less storage is required to handle desktop in datacenter.

This provides easy to manage features to the maintainers or administrators of the IT departments. Answer : Citrix Xen Desktop can be accessed globally from anywhere at any time and any device. This is actually an advantage of having a centralized server at location that serves to all the devices that can actually communicate to it and through minimal C itrix platform tools can actually stream a personally configured Desktop on the go.

This provides a standard lock-down for user without personalized experience that does not save personalized options and preferences in usage. It is a technology that enables the hosted OS virtualization that meets high graphics and performance requirements to use the local machine resources that can actually leverage desktop streaming through Virtual server.

The more powerful is client, the better becomes quality of service. Answer : Citrix Xen Desktop works very well online as well as offline. Suppose the Xen Desktop streamed a desktop application on a client machine and suddenly the network is disconnected that does not allow further access to network.

In this case the application streamed as a virtual desktop will run very well as if it has never been disconnected. Answer : Citrix Xen Desktop need not run on a desktop but a client applet for desktop is required to be installed at client-side. The whole functionality is orchestrated through a centralized Server. The technology is simple and follows modern and virtualized client-server architecture.

Thus it is a model of cloud computing architecture. This technology provides flexible compatibilities to multimedia devices and software as Flash, Audio, Video, USB, 3D graphics applications. This compliance ensures a fast and reliable experience through Citrix Xen Desktop throughout the usage. Popular Interview Questions. All Interview Questions. Citrix Practice Test. IT Skills. Management Skills. Communication Skills. Business Skills.

Digital Marketing Skills. Human Resources Skills. Health Care Skills. Finance Skills. All Courses. All Practice Tests. It will data store following information like Server configuration User configuration Print Environment Published Application Question 5. Answer : Query command in Citrix includes qfarm querydc queryds queryhr Question 7. Windows Vmware Interview Questions Question What Is Datastore In Citrix Answer : Datastore is the citrix database which stores all the static information about the farm Farm Configuration Published application configuration Administration accounts Server configurations Printer configurations polices Question The features that are provided are as follows: It enables the virtual space and workflow to increase the productivity.

It provides latest features and help businesses with tools to incorporate those easily. It gives an easy to use virtualization platform to deliver fast, efficient and flexible applications. It manages, create and secure the desktop applications from one location. Answer : The three phases provided by Citrix Xen is as follows: Assess: This is a phase where the user groups gets profiled and prioritized according to the applications they are using.

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It was a mostly technical plus HR round. The interview started with the online round questions and asked if I could solve them then. Then proceeded onto my internship experience and projects. In detail explanation of the internship project and personal projects was required, followed by some counter questions on the same. After that some more questions on Networking were asked. Basically the resume was thoroughly scanned in this round.

Overall the interviewers were quite helpful in all of the rounds. Skip to content. Change Language. Related Articles. Table of Contents. Improve Article. Save Article. Like Article. Last Updated : 05 Jun, Recommended Articles. Article Contributed By :. Easy Normal Medium Hard Expert. RDP on the other hand moves the complete screen to the client machine. Profile Answers by jaimishra Questions by jaimishra. Datastore is the citrix database which stores all the static information about the farm -Farm Configuration -Published application configuration -Administration accounts -Server configurations -Printer configurations -polices.

What are the error happening while login issue? How to over come on log on error? If licence server goes down, then we have 30 days of grace period in which there is no effect on connected and connecting users. If License server goes down, nothing will be impacted, application will be running fine for 30 days, that is the grace period, once License server is up grace period will be reset.

Use the default settings on the General and Options tab. Go to web interface server on your right side select server options and specify a server under the primary xml server and also mention the failover time.. Hotfix rollup pack used for patching of xenapp.. Xendesktop is related to PVS If you want to back up Software installed in VDI machines, you have to back the latest version vhd file which is in production. Check your network, if may be another DHCP server working there or check policy priority or policy.

Desktop not launching, Launching with temporary profile, Shared drives not mapping, Printers not available are common issues. Please Turn OFF your ad blocker. Learn More. Home Interview Questions Applications Citrix. First Prev Next Last Page. Jump to Page: 1 2 3 4. Mar 28 PM. Answer Question Select Best Answer. May 30 PM. Durgwale Citrix Interview Questions.

Joyce Oct 31st, The default is 8 days. Aug 16 AM. Nov 04 PM. What is PVS and why would you use it? Dec 05 AM. What will be happen if LHC corrupted? LHC in Citrix viswa Nov 10th, Xen server cant able to communicate with datastore, farm cant handle the user request and deliver the application, Need to recreate LHC. What will be happen if Data store down in Citrix? Dec 01 AM. What are the daily duties, roles and responsibilities of CITRIX administrator pranay Oct 11th, Daily task by a Citrix administrator is incident, change and problem management.

Nagendra Jun 13th, As a Citrix admin we have to Perform daily health checks for servers like checking CPU memory utilization,Check the connectivity,we can publish the resources in servers initially etc and all this can done by before business hours.

Mar 20 AM. What will happen if data collector goes down? May 23 AM. Citrix Authentication satish Citrix Interview Questions. What are authentication types and authentication points? Dilip Aug 1st, 1. Subhasis Nov 16th, Authentication Types 1. Jun 14 AM. Apr 06 AM. What is Datastore in citrix jaimishra Profile Answers by jaimishra Questions by jaimishra.

Apr 04 PM. How do you repair the IMA localhost cache? What will be happen if Citrix License server goes down? Basic and Architecture behind Citrix?

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Citrix Administrator - Interview Questions and Answers.

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