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Integral to the growth of Silicon Valley, Cisco develops, manufactures, and sells networking hardware, software, telecommunications equipment and other. Maintained ~ personal and public Macbook Pro/Mac Mini computers using JAMF software, as well as Windows virtual machines and servers. Find, Change or Reset WiFi Password These steps will help if you want to set a different WiFi password or connect a new device but can't remember your WiFi. CYBERDUCK COMPARISON TO OTHER CLIENTS

The change over from Bridge mode to Gateway mode should result in a new IP address. In either event, cloning a different MAC address or kicking the modem back into Gateway mode should allow you to determine if this problem is based on your current IP address. Take note of your current IP address and the new IP address, just to ensure that you do indeed end up with a different IP address. With the new IP address up and running, try a reconnect to the secure site and see what happens.

Hopefully this is a singular IP address problem, not an IP address block situation, which would be harder to resolve. X attempts at reconnects in a given timeframe results in banning or blacklisting for a preset amount of time. If you swap the modem, or clone another MAC address from your LAN, and the same thing happens, I would suspect that the service drops are the root cause of the problem.

As always, you never cease to astound me on your knowledge and ability to communicate troubleshooting responses. I agree with you on your idea of the blacklist in particular. I was leaning that way, but couldn't get that idea across to my wife's company support, or to Rogers.

I hadn't thought of the modem swap - that is a good one. Rogers is troubleshooting at level two and above a possible issue with the rogers DNS server for that address, I don't think so, but that is the direction they have decided to pursue, and dumping us over to our ISP by my wife's company is their solution and they were quick to go that route. At the first level of support, I doubt that they have much knowledge of blacklists, intrusion protection and security, it either works, which it did for them, and not for us, so pass it to the ISP.

But for now, we will stick to the VPN solution as it works, and my wife will be doing ordering online at sales at people's homes and she will see if she can keep stable connections over the weekend. So for me, I will pat myself and my wife on the back, and I also compliment Rogers support on their extensive support 2 hours of troubleshooting, then finally escalation beyond level II tech support to pursue the issue further.

Their communication and directions were clear and understandable by my wife, and only when they got into working with the command prompt for DNS and IP addressing information, traces, and pings did she turn it over to me to take over.

I will definitely suggest a switch in modem, beyond this particular problem, we also are dealing with 4 months of poor latency and frequent drops, wireless and ethernet connected, and that is something that surprisingly has never been suggested, but in every call, they have held the position that they see no problems it is intermittent and all speeds, strengths, and latency are within specs. I have even followed your ping plot recommendations from another thread, and even though I could demonstrate slow web speed loading, because they didn't see it from their end, it never made it past level I.

We just lived with it, but I think we just learned one of the issues of poor latency, beyond streaming or gaming, is it can create a problem when you are doing mass data entry from a web form. We already know that we would lose the session once a week or so and my wife would lose the data entry and she would log back in and start over again, but as you suggest, these frequent drops may have resulted in us being blacklisted, it makes a lot of sense, but that is for next week.

The gateway change may resolve the blacklist issue once on another box, and maybe it will help with our latency, web loading delays and drops in connections to the sites, but given the experience of others reporting, we will have to see. I am off the clock, back to being retired, temporary solution in place, and I will enjoy my weekend. Enjoy the weekend all and talk to you once I have new information. Set new one up at home, and not only is the site no longer blocked, but the latency has improved significantly, sitting generally in the low teens with almost no jitter.

The tech I discussed it with was very knowledgeable Thanks Sam and we were able to talk on a high level to diagnosis the issue of the blocked site. We hope that this resolves both our performance and internet drops and that we don't run into this blocked site issue again.

Final comment, as expected, tier two had contacted me with the robot message that they had found no issues and closed case, but I could follow up and with a great technical discussion, and mention of the discussion on the forum, the tech was very supportive that the next obvious step was to replace the modem for both the block and performance issues. Rogers Community. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.

Showing results for. Search instead for. Did you mean:. Unable to connect to certain websites and to work using VPN. Go to solution. Accepted Solutions. Re: Unable to connect to certain websites and to work using VPN. In response to RogersMoin. RogersMoin Moderator. Hello, bckk. Keep us posted. Community - please chime in with your expertise on this matter.

Cheers, RogersMoin. BS I'm a Senior Advisor. In response to bckk. I took our laptop to a hotspot at Tim Hortons, no issue in connection on phone or laptop. So we have a ticket open at higher levels. I will update on what happens. Datalink Resident Expert. In response to BS.

Hope this helps. In response to Datalink. Datalink As always, you never cease to astound me on your knowledge and ability to communicate troubleshooting responses. Thanks Datalink for all your support, excellent as always. Thanks as always for the support.

Post Reply. In some cases it is possible for compatible modems to not be recognized by the MX due to specific manufacturing practices that result in a different, unexpected USB IDs being used by the modem in question. If a cellular modem is capable of reporting signal strength to the appliance it is attached to, the dashboard will display it in a count of one to five bars, corresponding with the following values:.

In addition to existing firewall rules and bandwidth restrictions, MX-Z supports specific firewall rules and bandwidth limit that apply only when the cellular connection is active. These rules are applied in addition to existing firewall rules and bandwidth limits, rather than replacing them. Cellular firewall rules are configured on the Firewall page, while cellular bandwidth limits are configured on the Traffic Shaping page.

The bandwidth limit for cellular connections applies to the total network throughput limit and not per-client throughput limit. New USB modem approvals are currently on hold until further notice. All ongoing evaluations for USB modems will be updated on this page as soon as completed. Note: Meraki Support continues to provide assistance for End of Sale modems, but ultimately, if the modems are no longer supported by their vendor, Meraki is limited to basic troubleshooting.

The setup process for the Pantech UML is considerably different than for prior Verizon cellular modems. Huawei tends to package different hardware inside different models ie. On Windows 10 simply search for and open "Device Manager" on the Start menu. Huawei modems have been tested with a number of carriers worldwide and should work with any cellular carrier. You may need to put the SIM card on a mobile phone and manually disable the pinlock, before inserting it back into the Huawei modem.

Please reach out to Meraki support in case your local wireless carrier is not recognized. This helps to avoid intermittent issues that can result from poor physical connectivity. When using a cellular modem as a redundant uplink connection on an MX-Z Security Appliance, there will still be a small amount of traffic over that connection, even though it is not being used for client traffic.

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The "Guest" network is really fustrating for the reason that about once a day I have to re-enter the password back to the devices. I have tried disabling the guest option, changing passwords up and I even went to advanced options to look at the actual modem details to see if something is holding me up. I have moderate computer knowledge but not enough obviously to solve this issue. I have no clue why this problem is happening and I am man enough to come and ask for help lol!

Please help me out guys because I am at that point where I want to unplug the modem and launch it out my window. Please help me out guys, thanks. Go to Solution. Ok guys I figured things out! Once I turened it to disabled all my Mac products connected right away. How fustrating is that lol!

Spend all morning looking at security features, changing passwords and it was something as small as Mac Filter being set to enabled lol. I appreciate your guys help in trying to get this problem solved for me. Hope you guys have a good day. Thanks again! View solution in original post. Guy on here had the same issue the other day. Found out it was the iPhone causing the issue. I would go into the wireless area, and re-set your wireless password.

Thanks for the quick reply guys I really appreciate it. I will try out your suggestions and I will post if it worked. Thanks again. Alright guys, I logged into my modem like suggested and changed my password. Still no luck, Guest still works fine but no look with getting on the main wireless connection.

When I go to type in my password for my network on my Iphone, There isnt even like a second or two where it is trying the password to join but it just instantly pops up unable to join. Dont know if security stuff is preventing this from happening or its a modem issue but I hope some of this info above helps.

Thanks guys. Do what the pros do. It's the ONLY guaranteed solution to your problems. I've done it. Unforunatey I am still at square one. I turned off "guest network" , restarted the modem and still unable to join network. AnyConnect client licenses allow the use of the AnyConnect desktop clients as well as any of the AnyConnect mobile clients that are available.

A client license enables the VPN functionality and are sold in packs of 25 from partners like CDW or through your company's device procurement. Open a web browser and navigate to the Cisco Software Downloads webpage. In the search bar, start typing 'Anyconnect' and the options will appear. Choose the components to be installed by checking or unchecking the corresponding check boxes. All components are installed by default. The items you select in this screen will appear as options in AnyConnect.

If deploying AnyConnect for end-users, you may want to consider deselecting options.

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