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As a Citrix Authorized Learning Center, we deliver training on the latest Citrix releases including XenDesktop, NetScaler and XenMobile when and where you need. Citrix XenDesktop course provides students with the skills required to successfully deploy a complete Citrix hosted application and desktop virtualization. To learn more on Troubleshooting Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp Environment Please Enroll our new course -. Citrix - Troubleshooting App & Desktop. THUNDERBIRD THE CAR

What's Included in this Citrix Training Course? The course is aimed at those interested in deploying or managing advanced NetScaler environments. This includes system administrators and network operations personnel. In addition, you should have the following knowledge and experience:. It is recommended for those with previous NetScaler experience who would like to expand on their capabilities.

Delegate pack consisting of course notes and exercises Manual Experienced Instructor Refreshments. Citrix XenApp 6. Who should attend? The course is intended for IT professionals such as server, network and systems administrators who are familiar with Microsoft Windows environments.

It is also suitable for those with previous experience of Citrix XenApp, such as those wishing to upgrade their skills to match the newest version. Familiarity with application virtualization technologies, such as Citrix application streaming or Microsoft App-V. Exposure to basic system administration concepts, including logging, software upgrade procedures and high availability operations.

It will show you how to install Citrix XenApp 6. The course also prepares you for the Citrix XenApp 6. Passing the associated exam will allow you to gain Citrix Certified Administrator CCA certification for XenApp, validating the holder has the skills necessary to be an administrator for Citrix XenApp products. It uses the following format:. The course is aimed at IT professionals who require hands-on experience with Citrix application and desktop virtualization solutions. This includes Architects, Consultants, Engineers and Administrators.

It is recommended that you have an understanding of server, desktop and application virtualization concepts. You should also have experience with Windows Server R2, particularly:. The course will teach you how to configure an environment from the ground up using XenApp and XenDesktop 7. By the end of the course, you will be able to successfully deploy and support an application and desktop virtualization solution using Citrix technologies.

Identify the types of application data to collect, the method for collecting them, and application data collection tools. Assess a suite of applications based on business needs and compatibility to a given XenDesktop delivery model. Design a personalization strategy including user profiles, user policies and personal vDisk usage.

Identify characteristics of the applications that will impact placement as well as the application delivery architecture for the XenDesktop environment. Design a Desktop delivery topology, including Sites, XenDesktop Controllers per site, and load balancing. Design the underlying infrastructure, including database selection, license servers and Active Directory Integration. Make key design decisions regarding the hypervisor to be used in desktop virtualization solutions.

Make accurate hardware calculations, including VDI hardware, shared hardware, application hardware, and control hardware. The course is aimed at those involved in desktop virtualization solutions, such as Architects, Consultants and Engineers. The course will also give you the opportunity to design for your organisation, with access to all of the tools and reference materials you need to support your work. Delegates will learn about the firewall and its web app firewall policies.

These well-arranged modules will provide an understanding of how to manage and monitor application delivery management. It would be great if delegates have a basic understanding of Citrix NetScaler essentials and unified gateway. Citrix Application Delivery Controller ADC is the high performance and quality user experience for web, latest and cloud-native applications. Citrix ADC enables the performance of an application, increases application availability with advanced load balancing.

This also has security features that secure from attacks and lowers server expenses by unloading computationally intensive tasks. From this course, delegates will learn about Web App firewall and its policies. Delegates will acquire an understanding of regular expressions and learn about advanced protection strategies that will protect from the attacks.

The web app monitoring and troubleshooting are also included in this course. Along with this, delegates will be introduced to the IP reputation, rate-limiting under the security and filtering module. Delegates will learn how to manage and monitor application delivery management as well as get an understanding of Citrix ADC Web Logging. After attending this course, delegates will be able to deploy and manage the Citrix web app firewall to secure application access in a networking environment.

Delegate pack consisting of course notes and exercises Manual Experienced Instructor. From the following well-arranged modules, delegates will get an understanding of Citrix Endpoint management implementation in a cloud environment. There are no formal prerequisites to attend this course. It would be great if delegates have basic knowledge of device operating systems and network architecture. From this service, you will be able to manage device and app policies as well as deliver apps to users.

It is fully able to protect the organisation information with security strategies such as identity, devices, apps, data, and networks. Citrix main goal is to provide new features and updates to the endpoint management users and administrator. This course will provide a complete knowledge of how to manage Citrix endpoint management and its essential operations.

Delegates will learn about how the architecture, communication and management flow function with Citrix Endpoint Management Service for the specific requirements of organisations. While learning these essentials, delegates will also gain knowledge of Citrix Endpoint Management environment. Delegates will get an understanding of device management tasks, device enrollment, Citrix content collaboration and Cloud components.

Along with this, delegates will learn how to monitor, troubleshoot, and report on a Citrix Endpoint management enterprise solution. On course completion, delegates will be able to manage the Citrix endpoint management as well as monitor, troubleshoot, and report on a Citrix endpoint management. This 1-day course will get an understanding of GoToMeeting Software. Delegates will learn about the administrator and application of GoToMeeting Software.

This Training will focus on organising and scheduling online meetings. This course will docus on the system requirements, features, outlook toolbar, and messenger button of GoToMeeting software. This training will help delegates to get familiar with the control panel of this GoToMeeting software.

These well-arranged modules are able to deliver better knowledge of various services available in Citrix Cloud as well as understand the virtual apps and desktops services. It would be beneficial if delegates have basic knowledge of Citrix virtual apps and desktops. Citrix Cloud is giving the IT control of virtual machines, applications, and security while providing anywhere access for any device.

This course will provide complete knowledge of how to migrate Citrix virtual apps and desktops service on Citrix Cloud. Delegates will learn about various services available in Citrix Cloud. Delegates will get an understanding of how to install, configure and manage Citrix cloud connector as well as learn how to deliver app and desktop resources. Along with this, delegates will also get an understanding of public cloud considerations, Citrix virtual apps, and desktop deployment models.

All this essential knowledge will give confidence to delegates to build and migrate current infrastructure to the Citrix virtual apps and desktop services on Citrix cloud. On course completion, delegates will be able to migrate infrastructure to Citrix virtual apps and desktops service on Citrix cloud as well as support the Cloud infrastructure. This course is for IT professionals who wants to learn about Citrix technologies and its services.

This course explains how to manage a virtual apps and desktop environment at multiple locations. Delegates will acquire knowledge of backups, disaster recovery considerations, and disaster recovery process. This 3-day course describes application security, preventing jailbreak attacks, and minimising the impact of attacks.

In this course delegates will gain an understanding of how to secure machines running the virtual delivery agent including TLS to VDA encryption, GPOs and Citrix policies, and image management. They will also learn troubleshooting methodology process, resource tools and utilities. This course explains troubleshooting access issues, troubleshooting delivery controller issues, VDA registration issues, and HDX connection issues.

From the following well-arranged modules, delegates will learn about Citrix applications delivery controller and its essential components. These modules will cover all the essential topics of this technology step by step. There are no formal prerequisites for attending this course.

It would be great if delegates have basic knowledge of Citrix ADC. Citrix ADC Essentials and Traffic Management Training Course Overview The Citrix ADC is the Application Delivery Controller that accelerates application performance, enhances application availability with advanced load balancing, secures mission-critical apps from attacks and lowers server expenses by offloading computationally intensive tasks. Citrix traffic management monitoring is a real-time tool that tracks and analyses the performance and loopholes of the resource.

The traffic management solution eliminates internet vulnerabilities primarily. Along with this, they will learn about traffic management, comprising traffic optimisation, content switching, and global server load balancing GSLB. Delegates will acquire knowledge of the traffic management that will cover rewrite and responder features, AppExpert policy engines, content switching and security insight. Furthermore, they will get a better understanding of troubleshooting and its techniques.

On course completion, delegates will be able to manage and customise the ADC system for traffic flow and content-specific requirements as well as optimise the ADC system for traffic handling and management. Delegates will learn about the networking module that will cover various lessons such as Citrix ADC Network Topology, Gateway Authentications and firewall. Within the mobility module, delegates will get an understanding of the Citrix Endpoint management and its collaboration, managing the security and more.

It will be beneficial if delegates have a basic understanding of Citrix Services. This course is designed for IT Professionals as well as this course is also for various other professional roles. The Citrix enterprise security solutions provide detailed insight about the status of their security infrastructure.

Security solutions help to prevent issues such as data leakage, critical infrastructure disruption, and data stealing. This course will provide a complete knowledge of Citrix enterprise security solutions. Delegates will learn about the core components of this course such as networking, mobility and virtualisation.

Furthermore, delegates will also understand about Citrix endpoint management, encryption, security management, content collaboration, ADC collaboration and data loss prevention. Along with this, delegates will acquire knowledge of advanced authentication methods for virtual apps and desktop as well as learn about app data security and hypervisor. Monitoring and operations are also included in this course.

On course completion, delegates will be able to identify methods for desktop and application hardening with registry and policy lockdown as well as identify network attacks. They will also learn how to protect a network and mobile environment. This course focuses on how to install, configure and manage a Citrix virtual apps and desktops 7 site on-premises and on Citrix cloud comprising how to migrate from on-premises to Citrix cloud. In this course delegates will learn how to deploy a site, a apps and the desktops images.

They will also gain an understanding of provision and deliver app and desktop resources. This 3-day course also describes how to configure workspace environment management to improve the end user environment and virtual resource consumption. In this course delegates will gain an understanding of published app and desktop presentation and management. They will also learn how to manage printing for user session, Citrix profile management, and how to manage the site.

This course provides the skills to delegates how to use app layering to create and administer OS, platform, application, and elastic and user layers. Most of our courses can be taken in person or online. We provide hosted long distance courses, online live , dedicated and onsite training for groups, instructor led courses, and even custom courses. Find one of our convenient locations near you and start learning today:.

Citrix products and services can be ordered at the same time, allowing training to be built into the overall project budget. Contact us today at to learn other ways to stretch your Citrix training budget. Instructor Led Training creates the atmosphere needed to be able to truly focus on and learn the material without distractions that come from self paced eLearning and workplace interruptions.

IT teams and department staff typically learn more effectively together when in an instructor-led program. This shared environment fosters mutual support and enhanced collaboration. Instructor Led Training can be experienced the following ways:. Taking a team-building approach gives your company added benefits that go beyond the class itself. Contact us today to learn more about instructor led training. Learn More. About Citrix Citrix is a leader in mobile workspace solutions for businesses and enterprises worldwide.

Citrix's products permit the user to implement and maintain: Server, application, and desktop virtualization Networking Software as service Cloud computing technologies, including open source products Adopting Citrix's desktop virtualization systems allows for a simplified IT structure with increased productivity, collaboration, and the secure exchange of information.

Citrix Training Across Your IT Department Citrix training solutions power business mobility, allowing employees in different locations to connect and work together in real time. Citrix Virtual Desktop: Leverages a mobile workforce Simplifies management Reduces costs Enhances security Citrix Virtual Apps formerly XenApps Citrix Virtual Apps delivers hosted applications and desktops as on-demand, real time services, permitting users to connect on any device.

Additional benefits of Virtual App include: Improved employee satisfaction Increased productivity Expanded employee retention and recruiting Hypervisor formerly XenServer Citrix Hypervisor is an open-source server virtualization platform that allows for management of virtual cloud, server, and desktop foundations. Hypervisor allows businesses of all sizes to: Save money Respond to ever-changing business needs Improve performance ADC formerly NetScaler Citrix ADC is a cloud platform that allows networks across the globe to control, optimize, and secure delivery of enterprise information.

Citrix Certifications Citrix certifications are solutions-based, reflecting the evolving needs of IT professionals and organizations. Citrix Certifications. Step 1 Take These Courses. Step 2 Take These Exams. Step 3 Earn These Certifications.

Attain the CCA-V certification. Step 1 Take This Course. Step 2 Take This Exam. Knowledge of XenDesktop 7. Step 3 Earn This Certification. Step 1 Take Either of These Courses. Step 2 Take Either of These Exams. Citrix Certified Expert — Networking CCE-N The Citrix Certified Expert - Networking CCE - N validates the skills that experienced IT solution designers such as architects, engineers, and consultants need in order to assess and design comprehensive architecture of a Citrix networking environment and configure complex networking configurations.

Citrix Training Courses from New Horizons New Horizons offers Citrix training courses and certifications at the associate, professional and expert level. Live training you want, using technology to teach technology. Traditional Classroom Instructor Led Training is the foundation of our Integrated Learning Approach and gives beginners the energy and feedback of an in-person classroom setting, with the instructor in the same room as you.

Onsite Training allows organizations to bring world class trainers into their facility to train employees with reduced employee travel costs and interruption. Dedicated and Custom Training at a New Horizons locations gives your team the focus and customization you need, at a world class training facility. Contact Us. Upcoming Popular Citrix Training Courses. What Our Students Say About Training and Certifications "Our growing IT firm needed technical training for staff development as well as to meet our ongoing client requirements.

We looked at several training firms and considered going to various firms depending on the training type needed. We settled on NHLG because of their local presence, flexible options, and the breadth and quality of the training. Specifically, we enjoyed the ability to take training on-line from work or home and the options for technical certification testing that provided flexibility for our full-time staff that work on site with our clients. We would recommend NHLG to anyone looking for an effective training program.

In addition, the handbook is easy to use and is helpful as a reference tool in the future. I would recommend New Horizons to anyone interested in expanding their computer knowledge.

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