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A brand new feature in SoftMaker Office Professional is SoftMaker eM Client. It does what Microsoft Outlook does, but better: It manages your e-mail. With 1 pro licence can I use the client on all of my computers (home, office, laptop, iPad, etc.), with all of my e-mail addresses? SoftMaker eM Client Professional, a complete replacement for Microsoft Outlook which manages your. e-mail messages, contacts, tasks, and appointments. ULTRAVNC IPHONE APP

The SoftMaker eM Client Professional is actually an all-in-one email, task, calendar and contact client. This would be similar to Outlook. Of course, there is Thunderbird however. It truly is a bargain and is a great new rival to LibreOffice. Yes, FreeOffice is new. I definitely think that LibreOffice has it beat in this area.

In fact, the problem I mentioned about an additional page being added in LibreOffice, did not occur in this case. I was quite happy with the overall performance of the program. Kingsoft is a software company based out of Hong Kong that should worry Microsoft.

They have a pretty good product here. If that is all you need then this will suit you just fine. Aside from only having three programs, Kingsoft Office still excels no pun intended. One feature that I really liked was the mobile app for Android, which is full functioning — you can view and edit your files, right from your phone or tablet.

Not too many office suites offer that. Unfortunately my lack of owning an android device inhibited me from testing this personally, but I would be happy to hear any reviews in the comments below. In my opinion, this is a great deal. Each piece of software free and paid is available individually too. As I was writing this review, I had to continue to hold back my praises on the interface until this section — believe me, it was hard to do.

That is nice! Of course that faded a little once I realized that the ribbon style was only for the professional office suite and not the free one, but that said, the free version looks pretty nice too. With the ribbon style and full featured software combined with an affordable price, I would say that Kingsoft Office is probably the biggest contender to Microsoft Office.

Sure, LibreOffice is free, and it does offer more programs — which in no doubt is a plus, but Kingsoft Office comes in at a super close second place. Even in the free version, Kingsoft Office worked awesome. I hope that these recommendations have been helpful in deciding what you should use as your primary office suite.

Some are much better than others. To me, these have the best user interfaces, the most affordable prices or are just plain free and are the most full featured. If you have already tried some of these, I would like to hear your feedback. Which one do you prefer?

Let me know! Via: MakeUseOf. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Prateek Panda Posted On August 2, Share On Facebook Tweet It. Features Probably my favorite feature in Google Docs is the ability to easily collaborate. Cost Google Docs is completely free — plain and simple. User Interface Google Docs has seen some pretty major improvements in this area from the past interface.

Features Web Apps is combined with Skydrive, which gives you access to 25 free gigabytes of cloud storage. Features Like I previously mentioned, LibreOffice is a full featured office suite meaning it has all the same functions and maybe even more than the competing office suites free or not. Cost LibreOffice, like OpenOffice, is completely free. Although, donations are accepted. User Interface For a free, full featured software suite, LibreOffice looks surprisingly good.

Compatibility When I opened my resume, a heavily formatted document originally created in Word, in LibreOffice, everything was in place. Features Aside from only having three programs, Kingsoft Office still excels no pun intended. User Interface As I was writing this review, I had to continue to hold back my praises on the interface until this section — believe me, it was hard to do.

Conclusion I hope that these recommendations have been helpful in deciding what you should use as your primary office suite. Martin Kotulla Metta, the special installer is also included in the trial version and in FreeOffice. Yes, we want to implement this in the next SoftMaker Office. Metta Zetty Roderick: Just wondering, Roderick Did you ever attempt to install SoftMaker directly into Dropbox without all the folder zipping Martin described?

If so, how did the application perform? Metta Zetty Martin, may I assume: 1 the free download is for the Pro version and 2 if I purchase the standard version, all the Pro version features will simply be disabled? Metta Zetty Martin, may I assume: 1 the free trial download is for the Pro version and 2 if I purchase the standard version, the Pro features will simply be disabled?

HJ B Thank you. You were correct. A second download produced a larger file and appears to have installed correctly. So far, I am impressed. John Jarrold On your website it states three licenses does this deal include three licenses? Does the standard version include "Softmaker eM client? Martin Kotulla Both Office Standard and Office Professional come with three licenses which can be used in the same family household or company.

BearPup I am a registered user of Softmaker and want to pass on my comments that may help others. The program works flawlessly, and I've never run into compatibility problems. The biggest plus for me is that the ribbon bar allows you to choose either small or large icons, an important feature for those of us with visual impairments. The biggest drawback is that you cannot select a specific location for backups to point to, i. Overall, I've been a very satisfied user of the program for the last couple of years.

Regards, BearPup. Cary Adams Martin How does the standard version compare with Softmaker's FreeOffice. I'm pretty satisfied with the latter, and am curious about upgrading. Do you have a link that contrasts the two?

Martin Kotulla Cary, sure: www. VLM Just a note But nothing is perfect, and there are two things about eM client that people might wish to know about beforehand, just to plan their email conversion. When you import from Outlook if that is your path , the order of the email accounts may be jumbled. So you MAY have to rearrange them a bit, and this is done using the same, manual, click-click-click method used in Outlook. If you have a lot of email accounts, this can be tedious and hard on the wrist.

More importantly, eM client does not import any email rules. If you don't do things in roughly this order, then eM client will begin automatically downloading emails without benefit of any rules. Depending upon the amount of email you receive, this can create some inconvenience.

These two limitations apply only during the conversion from Outlook to eM client. I thought some might wish to know about them. Roderick Nicolson Sorry for late reply, Metta Zetty. I confess I have not tried to install it into DropBox itself. My thoughts about this however are that all the DropBox folders are both on your computers and on the internet.

If you were to install SoftOfficeto to a personal DropBox folder on your computer it might work. I think you might have to reinstall it on each computer though, so that any registry files would be taken care off. And you would need to make sure that each computer's DropBox folder has the same address as the original. Or you could try to copy the USB version files and folders without unzipping them into a DropBox folder. You would probably have to ensure that the address for the files in DropBox and that goes for each computer is the same as on the USB stick - all except the drive letter, in this case, which can change on a USB stick anyway, Too complicated to bother trying?

Martin Kotulla Joan, yes! Or, does the interface just look like the MSOffice without the ribbon? I am not downloading the trial Thanks! Metta Zetty Roderick: Thanks for your helpful feedback! Makes good sense, and I appreciate you taking time to help me understand the limitations of trying to use Dropbox.

Martin: If I install this package on 2 different computers instead of using Dropbox or a USB , is it possible to export all my custom settings options, formatting preferences ribbon layout, templates, etc. Sep 29 at pm Copy Link Like. Martin Kotulla H. Martin Kotulla S G: No ribbon, regular menus and toolbars. I use Wise Care and each time after I cleaned my system I had to reinsert the key and reactivate the program. I will say, I recently protected the eM Client folder and it no longer asks for the key time after time, after time, after I do not think it would play nice on a USB stick.

Does your Softmaker word processor have this same file size limit?? Don't know if this was just a coincidence, but it is very suspicious! However, I thought everyone who downloaded the free trial using the link on this page might want to know so you can search for and remove the malware if you find it. Gen -- The file name on my PC was msi6f We have a page limit.

Martin Kotulla Metta: I can assure you that we don't include any malware, neither accidentally nor on purpose. Either it's a false alarm, or you caught the malware somewhere else. Martin Kotulla, thank you for responding. Sep 30 at am Copy Link Like. TextMaker can open all Word files flawlessly. TextMaker is perfect except it lacks a good Recent Fonts list at the top of its fonts list like the one in Microsoft Word. I can hardly wait. VLM No ribbon, regular menus and toolbars. VLM Martin - Does that page limit apply only to individual documents, or also to books?

I realize that in Word, a book is a think of rather weird construction. Since I have never heard of making eM Client portable, I have my doubts. For this reason, don't make the mistake I did of spending your time customizing the software settings using the free trial! Is there a cost for the Android version? Will the Android version work on a Samsung Note 3?

This is a smartphone with a 5. Or, is the Android version intended for use with a tablet having a 10" display or larger? On Android, do you use your finger to navigate the menus instead of a mouse? Martin Kotulla Metta: Hmm, the way it is supposed to work is that when you run the full-version installer, it detects the trial and uninstalls it.

But this keeps all user settings. Even just uninstalling the trial keeps the user settings. Both are touchscreen-optimized. Now, eM client 6 has been released. Would it be fair that this corresponds, either wholly or in part, with Outlook ? I personally do not like it that much, but need a common user interface when switching between machines that have MS Office and any other office program.

It is too difficult to remember multiple user interfaces. Just my 2 cents Martin Kotulla 1. Each gained new features in its latest release, but development of these programs is not marching in lockstep. We are taking steps to take some of the ideas of ribbons into future releases of SoftMaker Office.

SoftMaker Office is not outdated. It is the currently shipping version, and this will stay so for several months. People that have a paid SoftMaker Office can always upgrade to the latest release, and these upgrades are offered at a substantial discount around half price over new purchases. Stephen Cohen Three questions: 1. How much hard disk space does the standard version occupy?

Will this version run on Windows 9? I understand that one must install this in order to register it. What if I buy it now but don't install it for, say, a year when I buy a new laptop? My current laptop's hard drive is almost full. Thank you! Sep 30 at pm Copy Link Like. VLM I agree! Don't eliminate the menus and all the associated shortcuts, give users the choice.

Microsoft went against 35 years of experience on that one, all on the basis of one study, really. And the certainly did not ask for my input! Cary Adams Stephen Cowen 1. There is no Windows 9. Did you mean Windows 10? Of course no one is yet claiming full compatibility with an OS that is still under development, however I'm sure the long range plans will offer full compatibility in upcoming major versions.

In one year you can buy the new version. Impulse buying is unhealthy. I'm using LibreOffice 4. It's electronic download, no shipping costs. Is it possible to pay in USD? Is it possible to pay via Paypal for today's offer? Oct 1 at am Copy Link Like. Metta Zetty FWIW, based on my recent experience with both LibreOffice and TextMaker, TM is: -- faster loading -- significantly more user friendly and -- provides a much more accurate rendering of docx files.

In fact, I intentionally purchased this suite as a replacement for LibreOffice and, so far, I couldn't be more pleased. Just my 2 cents. Will be interested in others' feedback. Martin Kotulla zebNet: This is excellent news, and I did not know the product before. May I recommend that you point out this feature more clearly on your web site? May I ask you to send me an email to "h. Martin Kotulla zebNet, I'll send you an e-mail. This sounds interesting. I'd be quite surprised if what you say is true, but I'm keeping an open mind about it.

Oct 1 at pm Copy Link Like. Flo jack hath Many people, myself included, are very happy with Softmaker Office.

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Softmaker FreeOffice Discuss anything related to portable freeware here. This lets you work with the applications in the regular way, even without a USB flash drive. Follow the instructions in this program. When the program is done, your USB flash drive contains a fully functional copy of SoftMaker FreeOffice which does not register itself in Windows, as well as all your documents and configuration files. Hopefully it's more stealthy than the last time I tried Softmaker's older office version.

However, Softmaker is way smaller compared to those suites. Don't like the fact that you need to install this first though. Anyone know? Causes: Stop the Earn It Bill! Re: Softmaker FreeOffice 4 Post by lautrepay » Sat Aug 11, am webfork wrote: Couldn't find a difference between the free and pro versions. Free temporary email services might be useful. For any Mac running macOS Windows Download For bit Windows systems:. Linux Download For bit Linux systems:. You can try out SoftMaker Office for free for 30 days.

Convert it to the full version by purchasing a product key. On the move? Download SoftMaker Office for your smartphone or tablet. You can download SoftMaker Office for your tablet and smartphone free of charge. You can use it as long as you want. Thank you. The product has been added to the shopping cart. Continue shopping Proceed to checkout. We use cookies. Some of them are required for the functioning of this website, while others allow us to collect traffic statistics.

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