2003 ford thunderbird reliability

The Thunderbird offers much-improved acceleration and passing power, progressive and positive braking, and good, solid handling. It's well. More than 10 SureCritic verified owner ratings and reviews of the Ford Thunderbird. 'Under-rated Car.'. Ford Thunderbird Reliability Problems Thunderbird owners have made complaints over 12 model years. Using our PainRank™ system we've ranked it 26th in. HOW WORKS TEAMVIEWER

Schedule a Demo. Write a Review. Category Summary. Build Quality. Verified Owner. Verified Review. Under-rated Car This is a Thunderbird. Car enthusiasts and collectors don't seem very excited about them yet, anyway , so they can be had in good condition relatively inexpensively. It's an awesome car. Runs very well, it's a well-equipped once-was-a-luxury-car model. I'm what is politely called a "big" man, and it is probably pretty amusing watching me get into and out of this car; but once inside, this car is roomy and very comfortable on longish trips mi.

This is NOT a tire-squealing burn-out mobile - it is a boulevard cruiser, Fast enough for town and interstate. Fast enough to get you a ticket - I mean, really how much faster than that do you really need to go? Soft top is easy-peasy, and reasonably snug. I think this car just looks fantastic. You don't realize how small it is until you see it parked next to other cars.

Love it. Size and weight allows for good comfort, storage and ride. V8 is very responsive. Body is solid without rust after 17 yrs. Perfect car for NC year round weather allowing top down use most of the time. A dependable and unique looking car especially with the hard top on. An eventual classic I have always loved the looks of this model. Right now, they are in the sweet spot - old enough to have gotten affordable, but not in great demand yet. My experience with my T-Bird has been excellent, This is a high-quality car, and they were all fully equipped.

Taking off the removable hardtop is cumbersome, but it only happens twice a year removal in the spring, replacement in the fall. We have taken a couple of pretty long trip[s on this car, and is very comfortable on a trip. Really, my only complaint is getting in and out, but that's because I'm too old and fat Once I'm in I'm 6'0" tall , the car is quite roomy and comfortable. It's got plenty of power, but it's no muscle car. Ford's approach, in addition to boosting engine output, is to make the car more collectible by limiting production to "four or five" years.

Revived after three years of suspended animation, this Lazarus of T-Birds came to the market in with an oversupply of hype, an undersupply of chassis, and a power supply that was only adequate. You might have observed that whatever the resurrected Bird lacked in sports-car-ness it made up in style, and you'd get no argument from us. Ford prefers "relaxed sportiness" as a dynamic descriptor.

No argument from us on that one, either. In this sense, the revival Bird is faithful to the original, which the company characterized as a "personal car. But we digress. We were discussing horsepower, as in more of it. The new Thunderbird arrived with the same 4. It was rated at horsepower and pound-feet of torque compared with horsepower and pound-feet for the Jag mill-all of this to eliminate any possibility of Jag buyers thinking their elegant new cats were propelled by something as plebeian as a mere Ford engine.

The two engines have diverged further in recent revisions. Introduced with the updated S-type last year, the Jag V-8 went from 4. The displacement increase, along with other enhancements an improved variable-valve-timing system and better breathing , bumped output to horsepower and pound-feet of torque.

And this, in turn, adds up to better in the time-to-speed department: 0 to 60 in 6. With the optional pound hardtop attached, that '02 car hit 60 in 7. The vitamin-HP-enriched '03 Bird covers the quarter-mile in 15 seconds flat at 95 mph, versus These are obviously not night-and-day distinctions, but the car does feel livelier in the cut and thrust of urban traffic.

A couple other noteworthy updates: The '03 Bird has a modestly revised instrument panel, with analog gauges that look more conventional-and hence less wispy in daylight driving-than the previous readouts. Like other trannies of this type, it offers the illusion of manual shifting, and to be fair, it will hold the chosen gear right up to the rev limiter there's no redline on the tach.

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2003 ford thunderbird reliability


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